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Retro Homeware

A touch of bygone style at The Contemporary Home

As you might know by now, I love all things eclectic including retro homeware. If I can mix something old with something new, I’m in my element.


Outside wall light

Make a statement in your garden

Whether the nights are long or short, I always think it’s lovely to see a beautiful light shining over my front and back doors. I love our outside wall lights for 2011. We’ve kept the selection simple but made sure that all our styles combine elegance and durability.

metal fishing lamp outside light


Retro Metal Signs

A cool way to share your style

I’ve long been a big fan of retro metal signs and it would seem I’m not alone. No sooner do we take delivery of a new batch, they are snapped up. And it’s not hard to see why. Not only do they give guests a sneaky taste of your own sense of humour and style, but many of them could easily pass as fabulous pieces of retro art as well.

hand over the chocolate retro sign


Kitchen enamelware

A great way to combine style with function

There’s something very special about kitchen enamelware. It always makes me feel as though I’m cooking or baking in a bygone age, where everything is substantial and made to last. It also oozes style, which can’t be bad!


Gifts for the home

Giving is not just for Christmas!

Christmas is always huge news here at The Contemporary Home but it’s important to remember that giving is not just for Christmas! Buying gifts for the home can be equally special at Easter, as well as the more obvious special days such as Valentine’s and birthdays. I’m also pretty keen on buying myself gifts for the home at any time of the year!

love signcolourful dots photo framesunion jack printed cushion


Eclectic Interiors

A taste of life the Contemporary Home way!

One of the main reasons I founded The Contemporary Home over five years ago was to satisfy my joy of teaming home accessories together in an often mismatched way. I love eclectic interiors! As the business has grown, so too has the number of products we offer so our range of eclectic interiors is now so extensive that hopefully it will suit any home, whether you live in an urban loft or a listed building (or something in between, like me!)


Cream Enamel

A great way to get ready for Spring...

As our thoughts turn to spring cleaning and getting straight for the warmer months ahead, we’re focusing on our fabulous range of cream enamel products. We have everything from compost buckets to storage tins, jugs and peg buckets. Oozing retro charm, these great items are also incredibly strong and functional.

large clay kitchen compost bin


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