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We all long for simpler times. Do you remember granny's kitchen, the smells of home baking, and kitchenware that was built to last? Our range of kitchenware enamelware and gifts include a superb collection of items that are reminiscent of these bygone days - attractive, sturdy and durable.

For handy storage of utensils and solutions for keeping ingredients fresh, The Contemporary Home has cream enamel tins for your everyday use. These items of kitchen enamelware will become a welcome fixture to your home and provide even more character. We have selected only the best enamelware that will stand up to many years of effective use.

The retro designs and tough construction of each of these cream enamel tins are loaded with personality. Whether you are looking for a handy storage tin for the kitchen, hall, garage, garden or shed, you will find it here at our online store. Making a truly unique gift, the Cream Enamel Worktop Compost Bucket with Handle makes a brilliant alternative to the normal plastic bin. Designed to drop in all those waste bits and pieces, potato peelings and apple cores, this excellent enamel tin bucket will dress up compost with a classy touch.

The kitchen has to be the first place in the home that you think of when considering valuable storage space. We have just the right items to not only keep those all important kitchen instruments together, but you can do it in style. Storing your kitchen utensils in our Cream Enamel Utensils Pot is both tidy and convenient; you can easily grab those necessary bits and pieces when concocting your latest culinary masterpiece.

Our enamel tins are hard wearing and durable, and perfect to keep the contents fresh. The Cream Enamel Flour Bin With Scoop makes an attractive storage solution for home baking. This tough container has a lid that creates an airtight seal, while the addition of the scoop helps to measure out the flour in a neat, no fuss way. The scoop can also be tidily hung up on the side of the enamel tin.

Subtle and unobtrusive, you will love the retro looks of our Traditional Cream Enamel Streamline Biscuit Tin. As part of our Streamline storage units, this item of kitchen enamelware has a gorgeous finish, topped off with a polished nickel handle with authentic contemporary scroll text. You won't be able to wait to have guests over for the tea and biscuits to show off this handsome enamel tin.

At The Contemporary Home, you will love our wonderfully quirky items such as the enamel tin popcorn bucket, which always makes a welcome appearance on DVD night. There are so many great items of kitchen enamelware at our online store, each bringing a touch of simple sophistication and humour. You can enhance your home with these wonderfully stylish enamel tins, or buy as a gift for friends or family. You will love the excellent collection of unusual and attractive items of housewares and gifts available to buy from The Contemporary Home today.

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