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Experience the beauty of the Gypsy Chandelier, and other unique lighting designs at TCH

Gypsy Chandelier

The Contemporary Home Company has a collection of the most elegant, beautiful and original lighting. If you are looking for the perfect way of illuminating your home, either indoors or out, you will find it here at our online store.

There's an eclectic range of lighting options, from the traditional to the truly original. Take a look at the styles that we have available. Outdoor lamps, table top lighting and the extraordinary gypsy chandeliers will raise the look of your home to a whole new level. The way you light a room can really enhance colour and appearance. Take a look at our ornamental lighting, garden lanterns, tealight holders and exterior lamps.

Build on the strengths of your home, on the features that make it original and uniquely yours. You can order lighting for your lounge, kitchen, bedroom, dining room and hall from us today. Each item has an original look and design, from the stunningly coloured to the simple and elegant. You will love our range of modern, contemporary and rustic designs. We also have intriguing pieces for decorative mood lighting.

Among our best selling lighting products, the Gypsy Chandelier at The Contempory Home Company is absolutely dazzling. You can create a stunning new look for your home without breaking the bank. Available in black, clear and coloured versions as well as different sizes, the Gypsy Chandelier will become the centre point of your lounge, dining room, or wherever you feel needs that added touch of glamour.

The clear Gypsy Chandelier is constructed from sparkling acrylic, with a sturdy central stem that supports six sweeping arms. Each of these arms hold a string of glass-like beads and tear drop design acrylic elements. The result is a startling array of scattered light creates a stellar backdrop to your evening. The ambience that this lamp generates is undeniable.

Casting a cool contrast from the traditional crystal chandelier, our black chandelier cuts a striking image in your lounge or dining room. Perfect for balancing strong contrasts in a room, this chandelier lamp casts a sophisticated glow. Modern sensibilities meet with classical opulence, as the black shapes of this stunning pieces glint in the light.

For thoroughly original lighting we have the perfect solution. With a splash of colour, and a look like no other, the multi coloured Gypsy Chandelier Lamp brings a wild twist to your home. This eclectic piece is bursting with light and energy, indulging your bohemian side. Your family and friends will gasp when you switch the light on, and they are bathed in glow from a spectrum of colour.

Come to The Contemporary Home for a broad selection of the most exciting, dramatic and traditional lighting ideas. Add an extra dimension to the personality of your home from just the correct lighting. Indulge yourself with our stunning range of decorative and characterful pieces, from the subtle to the exotic.

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