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Original and practical gifts for the home

Let us give your home a new dimension with fantastic modern and retro homeware

Reflecting your personality, your home is your sanctuary, a place to be yourself. With the eclectic range of housewares, accessories and furniture, we know you will find the perfect products here at The Contemporary Home. Choose from a range of gifts for cooks, novelties and practical gifts, all available to order today. See more.

The heart of the home is the kitchen, and our selection of kitchenware is truly remarkable. We have a range of products that are perfectly designed as gifts for the cook in your life. From high quality utensils to exceptional retro styled enamel tins for storage, we have a massive choice of items that are both original and surprising so you're sure to find the perfect kitchen enamelware.

Smart and attractive, enjoy the retro looks of our enamel tins

By browsing The Contemporary Home online, you will find items that are made to help around the home, and particularly the kitchen. Practical gifts come in all kinds of styles and themes, and making a great present idea are our retro enamel tins. Transporting you back to the feel of kitchens from days gone by, these wonderful storage tins have crisp, text graphics for an array of different jobs. Even your laundry is taken care of, with specific enamel tins for washing powder and washing tablets. These enamel tins would make perfect gifts for home.

For basic kitchen storage, we have enamel storage tins for keeping essentials fresh, such as flour for home bakers. Alternatively, snacks and treats can also be kept in these airtight containers. Even pet food and dog and cat biscuits can be stored in these stylish tins. These are just a small selection of our kitchen enamelware, so take a look at more of our gifts for home.

Look after your flying friends in the garden with the airtight bird food storage containers. You can keep bird seed, nuts and more fresh with these airtight tins and boxes. The enamel tins for bird food storage come in different sizes, so you can choose to stock up over Winter, or keep bird feed fresh in small batches. Our bird food storage containers will certainly keep your feathered friends happy.

If you like our kitchen enamelware, you will love our metal signs, retro homeware and accessories. Metal signs with retro images are a wonderful way to give your kitchen, dining room, bedroom... in fact anywhere you like a bit of added character. These gifts for the home include a series of themes, featuring food, bathroom products and cool comic book characters. These are just one of the many fantastic retro homeware products we provide.

Our retro homeware is incredibly popular. At The Contemporary Home, you'll find products that reflect the timeless elegance of the 50's and 60's, as well as the bright and bold styles of the 70's and 80's. We have something to appeal to everyone's aesthetic tastes, with kitsch kitchen items and fabulous soft furnishings too. There's a surprisingly perfect retro homeware gift idea for your family and friends right here online.

Look at the impressive large pendant lights and outdoor wall lighting at TCH

At The Contemporary Home, our range is made to enhance every room of your home. For those with an eye for the more extravagant decor, you can order one of our amazing pendant shade lightingfeatures. Or perhaps the extravagance of our gypsy chandeliers is more to your taste?

A ceiling pendant light is sure to be a talking point in the kitchen, living room or dining room. The ornate fittings and hanging droplets of our selection of gypsy chandeliers help to give your home a bohemian feel. When matched with the elaborately designed candelabras and lighting features, a gypsy chandelier or ceiling pendant light is suire to create a fantastic atmosphere.

For a design classic, come and take a look at our large pendant lights for the kitchen. Although used in industry, we have large, bowl shaped pendant shade lighting that is perfect for an effective spread of light. For larger kitchens, two or three of these large pendant lights can give a truly stylish look.

When it comes to lighting, we're not just here for the indoors. An outside wall light is not only an attractive addition to your house, but a practical one too. You'll love our collection of outside wall lights and lanterns, which come in a variety of styles. Whether you're entertaining, or just need a little help to light your way, our outside wall lighting is perfect.

There are so many different options for your household at The Contemporary Home. Practical gifts and present ideas from our online store are full of variety, and we know you'll love this great collection of original products. Choose from our selection of retro homeware for birthday, housewarming, wedding and Easter gifts. We've worked hard to find the most stunning, quality gifts for home that we know you will enjoy.

Gifts for him and her, for young and old, are available to order today. Take time out to browse our shop - we know there's something for everyone right here among our eclectic interiors, and especially for you.

Gisela Graham Gifts & Homewares

We stock a large range of gifts and homewares from German designer Gisela Graham including beautiful seasonal items, decorative pieces and practical homewares that are sure to delight. Gisela Graham incorporates craft and folk styles with contemporary designs to create a wide collection of stunning homewares, with a focus on celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and more. Browse our website and take a look!

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