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The most unusual kitchenware from Rice Denmark at The Contemporary Home

Rice Denmark

For over 10 years, Danish company Rice has developed a gorgeous collection of inspirational homewares. Rice Denmark gives an extraordinary spin on those everyday items to create a dazzling array of original pieces.

Born out of a well travelled and world wise outlook, the range of goods from Rice Denmark are bold and colourful, are produced to an exceptional quality. In fact, the brand takes it name from the strong Danish and Thai connections. Rice was inspired by the fact that for many people in the world, rice is an essential, basic food. This connection has led to the creation of spectacularly original products. Using acrylics, glass and clay, these superb items add a creative dimension to your home. The range of milk jugs, glasses, vases and more are finished in delightful shades, creating a feeling of colour and freshness.

Rice Denmark have produced a broad and varied selection of products for around the home. Each item you see is cuter than the last, and absolutely brimming with character. The range of acrylic kitchenware is bright and fun, and features highly detailed 3D designs that give a really unique look. Fashioned in vivid colours, these quirky pieces have a real sense of humour. Choose from our selection of fresh blues and greens that catch the light wonderfully. In fact, if you're looking for the perfect cups and plates for a party or barbecue, the range from Rice Denmark is ideal.

The Rice carved range wineglasses will make a great impression on your guests as you pour them a drink at your next get together. These bold glasses feature textured patterns that give, as the name of the assortment suggests, a carved appearance. The ornate design creates an image of classic patterns from times past, but with an incredible modern styling. The great thing about these attractive glasses is their durability. Never worry about breaking glasses on the patio again, thanks to their sturdy build.

The carved range from Rice Denmark also incorporates a set of tumblers, which keeps the sculpted style to give you a complete set of glasses. This innovative design is also carried over to the Rice Denmark Carved jugs , which are available in bright green or turquoise colours ? absolutely perfect for that chilled Pimm's on the lawn.

Complete the set with the Rice Denmark Carved range of acrylic plates and bowls. When having a bite to eat outside, you can take these tough plates and bowls out into the garden, and enjoy an evening in the balmy Summer air. The great thing about the Rice Denmark bowls is that they are superb to keep as dishes around the home. Not only can you use them for snacks, but you can also use them as a handy pot to throw in change, keys, or any other bits and pieces.

Take a look at our range of wonderfully original products for your home, including the original items from Rice Denmark.

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