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Christmas 2018 Is Here!

Monday, 12 November 2018

The TCH elves are bursting to share their 2018 Christmas collections with you! 


Deep within the Contemporary Home’s headquarters in Hayling Island the Christmas elves have been working their magic! This year we are stocking lots of beautiful Gisela Graham tree decorations, ornaments and accessories that will make you go crackers. So let’s take a peek at our top 5 collections:

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From Spooky to Stylish

Monday, 11 September 2017

Whatever kind of Halloween you want, we’ve got it!

It’s nearly time for spooks and spiders, screams and skeletons…and lots and lots of orange! Speaking of orange, when we were having great fun buying the Halloween range this year, we started talking about pumpkins (as you do!) and when, and why, they became part of the celebration. After a bit of digging around on the web (pardon the pun!), we discovered that the tradition of carving Jack-o’-lanterns originated hundreds of years ago in Ireland. Back then, it was potatoes or turnips that were carefully carved out and lit with candles, but pumpkins took over when Irish immigrants arrived in the USA from the 1820’s onwards. We didn’t know that!

What we did know though was this: Every year we get asked for grown-up spooky bits as well as great treats for kids. It seems that quite a few adults enjoy the age-old Celtic festival marking the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead…eek!

So, for the young at heart but old of flesh (we’re getting into the spirit of it, ha!), take a look at these rather stylish and infinitely spooky offerings:


And for the children, as they play tricks and cast spells on one another, choose potion bottles in the shape of skills and spiders bigger than your hand!


And if all that hasn’t left you hiding beneath the bed, why not get completely into it by decorating your front door or porch too? Our particular favourite is the arched-back cat (black, of course)! 


But if all you want is a quiet, traditional night at home, then forget the trick or treating, curl up with a good ghost story, bob a few apples and put a carved, lit pumpkin on your windowsill. Whatever you do, everyone at The Contemporary Home wishes you a scarily spooky night…

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Strut Your Stuff this Christmas!

Monday, 11 September 2017

It’s time to be wowed by our beautiful peacock decorations…

Did you know that peacocks have been linked to Christianity and Christmas since the 3rd Century? It was believed that the highly individual patterning on the tail feathers of male peacocks represented the all-seeing eye of God. Well, with the history lesson over, it’s hardly surprising then that the peacock theme is often bubbling around at Christmas. For 2017 however, it’s going to be huge!


One of the great things about the peacock trend is that the colours match perfectly with gold. And, as gold is a key staple of any Christmas, there’s no end to the versatility of all things peacock too!

So, what extra-special peacock delights are in store for you on our site? Well, our absolute favourites begin at your door (or at least a sheltered porch door or the inside of your front door) with two fabulous peacock wreaths, both bringing elegance and the WOW factor! Then to your table, with our selection of incredibly beautiful tea light holders, where their jewel colours twinkle in candle light and add a rich vibrancy to festive mealtimes. And, last but by no means least, to your tree. Here, we have an abundance of peacock coloured baubles and decorations, with our absolute 2017 favourite being a delicate glass humming bird that glistens from any branch. Take a look for yourself and see which one’s your favourite!



And whilst we’re on all things peacock, did you also know that peacocks are in fact a member of the pheasant family and of the three distinct speices of peacock, the green one is excessively aggressive to other ground birds and shouldn’t be kept with them? Quite handy to know, we thought, if you ever ended up owning one! We think we’ll stick to just looking at gorgeous peacock-inspired decorations instead…

Go on, strut your stuff this Christmas with our fabulous peacock collection. Happy Christmas, from all at The Contemporary Home.


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Imagine A Fairy Tale Christmas

Monday, 11 September 2017

Be right on trend with a magical Christmas collection...

So, we know it’s only just September and Halloweens not even here yet, but you can never be too early for Christmas in our books! That’s because we’ve been busy collecting Christmas goodies for our lovely customers since January of this year, and we’re bursting to share a few with you!

Possibly THE most magical collection we’ve seen for a while is the amazing Fairy Tale range from Gisela Graham London. If you’re already a fan of ours, you’ll know that we always have a great selection of Gisela Graham London products on our site. What you might not know though is that we are the UK’s largest online retailer of their lovely ranges, from everyday items right through to everything Christmasy! For us, it’s a dream come true…

And we’re big on dreams here at TCH Towers. Which is why we love this enchanting new Fairy Tale Christmas collection so much. Well, who could resist?



All of the Fairy Tale decorations are designed to hang on trees, but we think they look equally good around napkins with name tags on the Christmas table (that gives you the chance to create a very special magical table this year!) In the pictures above, we also used our great new Set of Two Mini Pine Trees and Gold Christmas Clock Decoration. Both have that fairy tale feel that we love.

And what’s more, if you love the fairy tale theme as much as we do, you’ll be able to hunt out some great magical fairy-based events taking place in the run up to Christmas. We’ve started to keep our eyes peeled and already seen one National Trust property in East Sussex is planning a fairy-tale theme inspired by Kipling. There’s sure to be more! Charming, special and so on trend…

Let us be the first to wish you a very happy Christmas, with love from all at The Contemporary Home x

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Embrace your inner blue: the colour of trust, dignity & serenity

 So, colour can be a bit confusing at times, can’t it? If (like us) you’re a reader of the interiors magazines, you’ll know that they are wonderfully full of advice on what’s in, and what’s out, and colour is always part of the mix. As you’ll know from our Edits & Trends page, Pantone (the international experts on colour), have declared a shade of green (aptly called ‘Greenery’ by them) as their colour of the year for 2017. And we love it. But we’re also really excited to see that Dulux, the UK’s leading paint brand, have gone for Denim Drift as their favourite colour for the year. Here’s three things that we LOVE about blue (they’re a bit random, but that’s the way we think!):

 1) The sea is blue! Well, we had to start with that one, as TCH Towers is located on an amazing little island right at the bottom of the UK called Hayling Island;

 2) Robins, our favourite winter bird, lay blue eggs;

 3) The petals of hydrangeas can cleverly turn blue, or change away from blue, depending upon the  soil they’re planted in.

 Other things that we all know and love about blue include its association with peace, infinity (perhaps from the sky as well as the oceans), calmness and relaxation. Of course, it’s also the colour of jeans, which brings us neatly back to Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2017, Denim Drift. Here it is below (the first colour), teamed up with other suggestions from the Dulux palette:

If you decide to embrace your inner blue and re-decorate a room this year, we can help out with some great co-ordinating accessories. We’re big on blue! From bowls to vases, jugs to ornaments. Take a look below and see if anything takes your fancy:

And later in the spring, we’ll be posting a blog or two about our favourite use of blue – our new nautical collection. Watch this space for more information.

Before you go, if you’re seriously thinking of putting brush to wall over Easter or beyond, here are few colour updates from the interiors magazines that we thought you might like to see: House Beautiful colour trends; Ideal Home living room colour schemes; House & Garden ideas on how to decorate with colour (scroll down their page for some great images of feature walls).

Happy decorating from all at The Contemporary Home x

Blush & Grey

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Blush & Grey: The hottest new colour-combo…

We’re really quite keen on colour combinations here at The Contemporary Home, and get very excited when a new one comes along that everyone loves…and that’s certainly the case with Blush & Grey.

From Gisela Graham to Farrow & Ball (with their gorgeously named paints from Radicchio to Mole’s Breath), everyone seems to have a favourite grey at the moment, and the trendiest amongst us are teaming it with beautiful blush (that’s a pink anywhere from baby to a subtle mid-tone, but nothing too garish!)

Grey, it would seem, is the new magnolia…but don’t be put off! It’s so much classier, versatile and edgy than off-white, and comes in amazing shades from barely-there neutrals through the mid-tones to dark charcoals. Using blush home accessories to give a pop of warmth, or alternating wall colours between the two, instantly provides a modern twist that’s the talk of the town at the moment.

As usual, don’t take our word for it! Check out these ideas for grey home décor from Ideal Home, and blush home décor at Pinterest. And when you’re ready to take the plunge, whether it be a blush and grey bedroom or a totally new lounge, top it off with any of our beautiful co-ordinating blush and grey home accessories. Enjoy!


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National Gardening Week

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Pull on your boots for National Gardening Week

Launched six years ago by the Royal Horticultural Society, National Gardening Week takes place this April between the 10th-16th. We absolutely love it! It’s the ideal opportunity to round up a few friends, neighbours or the kids (during the first week of the Easter hols!) and get out into the garden to begin the big clean-up after the winter. Check out their great dedicated website here and get inspired. There are scores of events taking place all around the UK, from digging and tidying in community gardens to meeting gardeners at RHS venues. We particularly like the ideas for the garden and garden design page on the website, which gives ‘How to…’ tips on everything from building a compost café to planting a green roof


Whatever you do, everyone at The Contemporary Home hopes you have a great time outdoors in the fresh air. 

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Have a happy, hippity, hoppy Easter!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Have a happy, hippity, hoppy Easter!

We’re virtually hopping with excitement at TCH towers now that Easter is only a few weeks away. We love all the funny one-liners, like ‘somebunny loves you’ and ‘why not put all your eggs in one basket?’ (Sadly, they appeal to our somewhat dubious sense of humour!) But, we especially can’t wait for the food and, of course, the Easter decorations. 

Did you know that the practice of decorating egg shells as part of a spring time ritual dates back to Africa over 60,000 years ago? We didn’t!

Well, none of the egg-y bits festooned around the office (and soon to be added to our homes) are that old, but to us - they’re pretty special!


Sticking with eggs for the moment, a great thing to do at Easter (and which you might have done at school years ago) is to paint a few eggs. You can hard boil them (but please do remember to throw them away a few days later as they definitely begin to pong!) or if you’re really going to be clever, teach yourself how to blow out the insides (there are several ‘how to…’ sites online.) When it comes to the decoration part, check out Pinterest for some colourful inspiration or do a general search online. There's so much you can do with the humble hen’s egg! If you’d rather not use the real thing, then try a Paint Your Own Easter Egg Kit and experiment to your heart’s desire.

So, if Christmas is all about ‘eat, drink and be merry’, then Easter is ‘eat, drink and be outside’ in our books. The weather’s usually OK by then, with spring well in evidence, and we love taking walks, seeing lambs, and generally brushing away the cobwebs. Getting outside is also the best way we know of digesting all the food and drink we intend to consume! If you’re the same, then check out the National Trust website for some great things to do with the whole family, from lambing, to rock-pooling, racing ducks and sitting around campfires! Everything’s designed around leaving the screens at home, which couldn’t be better in our opinion.

Back to the theme of hippity, hoppy Easter - it really wouldn’t be Easter without a rabbit or two and we’re really excited to be selling one of the best ever bunny-related (loosely!) decorations this year – our Set of Three Easter Carrot Decorations! They’re super realistic, humorous and a bit ‘alternative’, but we absolutely love them. If you have time, check out the gorgeous matching garland and embroidered cushion too. 


If you’re still unsure of what to do at Easter, then heading into the garden is never a bad idea. Obviously, being Easter, you MUST have an egg hunt – it’s virtually compulsory! Even for adults. And - if you’re watching the waistline, or just don’t like chocolate (!), then you can hide anything you like, such as hens' eggs, painted pebbles or even carrots. The one who finds the most still needs to get a special prize though, chocolate or not!

And finally, back to the food! We’re never 100% sure what to cook for lunch on Easter Day itself (it always seems a bit harsh for it to be lamb). But we were talking about it in the office yesterday, and the one thing we all agreed on was there needs to be cake! So, after a bit of note-swapping, here are links to our top three favourite Easter cakes: The wonderful Duck Egg Sponge Cake; the beautiful Lemon & Blueberry Drizzle Cake; and the deliciously choclatey Easter Egg Nest Cake.

From everyone at The Contemporary Home, have a wonderful Easter x

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Mother's Day

Monday, 20 March 2017

…Because not every Mum’s the same!

So, yesterday we were working with a great photographer and stylist on Christmas images (yes, we know it’s only March!) and, as you do over lunchtime sandwiches, we got talking about what we’re doing for Mother's Day on Sunday March 26th. Some of us are mums ourselves, so we live in hope! But when it came to our own mum (or mum-in-law, or even grandmother in one case) we were a little stumped on how to make it truly special (and different from last year!) Flowers and chocolates are lovely, but was there more we could be doing?

One thing became super clear as we chatted - not every mum is the same! And this thought then set us off discussing all the things we could do/make or buy for our mums that are fun/pretty and/or unique to her. So, because we like sharing, here are the top six things we came up with yesterday (and feel free to use any or all of the ideas for your own lovely mum):

1) Don’t just say you’re going to make her breakfast in bed, do it! And make something she really loves – for example, if she’s a bit on the fiery side, spice up the scrambled eggs in some way. (For inspiration, check out Nigella’s amazing Mexican Scrambled Eggs – it’s the best there is if she likes chilli!)

2) Make her a card. OK, you’re probably well over the age of ten, but nothing spells ‘I love you’ more than taking the time to actually make something for her. And if you really don’t have the imagination or ability, buy her one that’s a little less ordinary, such as our Amazing Mum Keepsake Card. (It comes with a detachable heart.)

 3) Make her a little booklet of Mother’s Day coupons. If you did this as a child, you probably put in things like ‘wash car for mum’ or ‘tidy my room for mum’, and she cashed each one in when she wanted (needed!) it the most. But as an adult, and depending upon what your mum likes doing, why not offer to ‘take mum for lunch’ or ‘go to the garden centre with mum’ or even ‘buy mum a bottle of Prosecco’!

4) Frame a memory. In the digital world, we don’t often look at family photos. So why not buy a great frame and select a picture that she will cherish. Or, if you’re a bit more creative, make a collage of photos on a board. And hang it up for her if she wants you to!

5) Book a traditional Sunday lunch or afternoon tea. The thing about this is, she doesn’t have to cook herself! And if you’re a mum, you’ll really appreciate it. And, of course, you can always supplement the meal with a special Mother's Day gift that you’ve carefully selected to suit her perfectly. Whatever you do for your mum on the day, we hope you all have the best time ever. Go on, spoil her rotten – she deserves it!

6) If your mum's into gardening, then some great garden presents that you could give her are garden themed chocolates or a personalised fork and trowel gift set. Wonderful moments are created in the garden too so we think your mum will love these gifts!

Happy Mother's Day from The Contemporary Home.

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slogan inspired gifts

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Get the message across with Slogan inspired gifts

Slogans, they’re everywhere! On billboards, sprawled across buses, flashing up on our computer screens and flooding our social media accounts. But don’t be fooled! These slogans can enter into our subconsciousness more than we give them credit for and not all slogans are created equally.

 hello sunshine coin purse  gorgeous make up bag  girls hip flask

Here at the contemporary home we positively love a good slogan, just as long as they're just that; a positive and feel good slogan to help motivate us through the day. So much so is our penchant for emotive words that we plaster our office with them and pretty well anything else that's in our possession. Wallets, bags, signs and even cases for our glasses, the use of a slogan stamp in our world has no limits! So we thought is only fair of us to share a few of our favourite pieces with you, so that you too can have constant reminders throughout your day of just how awesome life is and how much you totally rock it!

Slogans for me

 L'Oréal coined the perfect slogan in their advertising campaign Because I’m worth it! And us girls in the office really couldn’t argue with that. That's why we’re addicts for self affirming confidence boosting slogans that let all you independent women out there know that you really are worth it every time you see one of these fun products.

Such as with this monochrome Awesome is my middle name coin purse, or the smile purse from the same range that's sure to make you do just that every time you go to use it.

awesome monochrome coin purse nobody said it was easy make up bag smile coin purse

Messages for a Beauty queen

If you know someone for whom Retail therapy is the answer then we have a whole host of fun slogan bearing beauty accessories to spur your gal or puss on through her day. This fun makeup bag reminds us that It’s not easy looking this good, or maybe this pink Time for the war paint makeup bag would be more to your best friends humour? And our beauty slogans don't just stop at makeup bags. We've also got fun beauty accessories such as thing fun compact mirror for your handbag telling us that we’re looking good, as if we needed reminding!

warpaint make up bag compact mirror make up bag

Slogans for special occasions

Here at The Contemporary Home we are very aware that No great story ever started with someone drinking water. God knows we’ve had enough office parties to know that what happens at TCH towers stays at TCH towers once the Christmas party fizz starts flowing! That’s why we think these fun slogan inscribed gifts such as our keepsake hip flask or My dreams, regimes and mischievous schemes notebook, make the perfect gift for hen parties, wedding favours or milestone birthdays. Why not accompany them with a bottle of your friends favourite tipple in the case of the hip flask, or some cheeky bubbles with the notebook to really bring out the mischievous side of the celebration.

slogan note book slogan hip flask life is short coin purse

So whatever the occasion and whether you're buying for yourself or for a loved one, surrounding yourself with feel good words can never be faltered. Sometimes all it takes is to bring out our funny motivational slogan on our purse, when we’re stuck in a an endless queue or have been caught in the rain, to bring a bit of sunshine to our life and remind us of good people and good times. And if all else fails just remember; Life is the shoes!

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