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Have a happy, hippity, hoppity Easter!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Have a happy, hippity, hoppity Easter!

We’re virtually hopping with excitement at TCH towers now that Easter is only a few weeks away. We love all the funny one-liners, like ‘somebunny loves you’ and ‘why not put all your eggs in one basket?’ (Sadly, they appeal to our somewhat dubious sense of humour!) But we especially can’t wait for the food and, of course, the decorations. 

Did you know that the practice of decorating egg shells as part of a spring time ritual dates back to Africa over 60,000 years ago? We didn’t!

Well, none of the egg-y bits festooned around the office (and soon to be added to our homes) are that old, but to us they’re pretty special!


Sticking with eggs for the moment, a great thing to do at Easter (and which you might have done at school years ago) is to paint a few eggs. You can hard boil them (but please do remember to throw them away a few days later as they definitely begin to pong!) or if you’re really going to be clever, teach yourself how to blow out the insides. There are several ‘how to…’ sites online. When it comes to the decoration part, check out Pinterest for some colourful inspiration or do a general search online. There is so much you can do with the humble hen’s egg! If you’d rather not use the real thing, then try a Paint Your Own Easter Egg Kit and experiment to your heart’s desire.

So, if Christmas is all about ‘eat, drink and be merry’, then Easter is ‘eat, drink and be outside’ in our book. The weather’s usually OK by then, with spring well in evidence, and we love taking walks, seeing lambs, and generally brushing away the cobwebs. Getting outside is also the best way we know of digesting all the food and drink we intend to consume! If you’re the same, then check out the National Trust website for some great things to do with the whole family, from lambing, to rock-pooling, racing ducks and sitting around campfires! Everything’s designed around leaving the screens at home, which couldn’t be better in our opinion.

Back to the hippity, hoppity theme, Easter really wouldn’t be Easter without a rabbit or two and we’re really excited to be selling one of the best ever bunny-related (loosely!) decorations this year – our Set of Three Easter Carrot Decorations! They’re super realistic, humorous and a bit ‘alternative’, but we absolutely love them. If you have time, check out the gorgeous matching garland and embroidered cushion too. 


If you’re still unsure of what to do at Easter, then heading into the garden is never a bad idea. Obviously, being Easter, you MUST have an egg hunt – it’s virtually compulsory! Even for adults. And if you’re watching the waistline, or just don’t like chocolate (!), then you can hide anything you like, such as hen’s eggs, painted pebbles or even carrots. The one who finds the most still needs to get a special prize though, chocolate or not!

And finally, back to the food! We’re never 100% sure what to cook for lunch on Easter Day itself (it always seems a bit harsh for it to be lamb). But we were talking about it in the office yesterday, and the one thing we all agreed on was there needs to be cake! So, after a bit of note-swapping, here are links to our top three favourite Easter cakes: The wonderful Duck Egg Sponge Cake; the beautiful Lemon & Blueberry Drizzle Cake; and the deliciously choclatey Easter Egg Nest Cake.

From everyone at The Contemporary Home, have a wonderful Easter x

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Mother's Day

Monday, 20 March 2017

…Because not every Mum’s the same!

So, yesterday we were working with a great photographer and stylist on Christmas images (yes, we know it’s only March!) and, as you do over lunchtime sandwiches, we got talking about what we’re doing for Mother's Day on Sunday March 26th. Some of us are mums ourselves, so we live in hope! But when it came to our own mum (or mum-in-law, or even grandmother in one case) we were a little stumped on how to make it truly special (and different from last year!) Flowers and chocolates are lovely but was there more we could be doing?

One thing became super clear as we chatted - not every mum is the same! And this thought then set us off discussing all the things we could do/make or buy for our mums that are fun/pretty and/or unique to her. So, because we like sharing, here are the top five things we came up with yesterday (and feel free to use any or all of the ideas for your own lovely mum):

1) Don’t just say you’re going to make her breakfast in bed, do it! And make something she really loves – for example, if she’s a bit on the fiery side, spice up the scrambled eggs in some way. (For inspiration, check out Nigella’s amazing Mexican Scrambled Eggs – it’s the best there is if she likes chilli!)

2) Make her a card. OK, you’re probably well over the age of ten, but nothing spells ‘I love you’ more than taking the time to actually make something for her. And if you really don’t have the imagination or ability, buy her one that’s a little less ordinary, such as our Amazing Mum Keepsake Card. (It comes with a detachable heart.)

 3) Make her a little booklet of Mother’s Day coupons. If you did this as a child, you probably put in things like ‘wash car for mum’ or ‘tidy my room for mum’, and she cashed each one in when she wanted (needed!) it the most. But as an adult, and depending upon what your mum likes doing, why not offer to ‘take mum for lunch’ or ‘go to the garden centre with mum’ or even ‘buy mum a bottle of Prosecco’!

4) Frame a memory. In the digital world, we don’t often look at family photos. So why not buy a great frame and select a picture that she will cherish. Or, if you’re a bit more creative, make a collage of photos on a board. And hang it up for her if she wants you to!

5) Book a traditional Sunday lunch or afternoon tea. The thing about this is, she doesn’t have to cook herself! And if you’re a mum, you’ll really appreciate it. And, of course, you can always supplement the meal with a special Mother's Day gift that you’ve carefully selected to suit her perfectly. Whatever you do for your mum on the day, we hope you all have the best time ever. Go on, spoil her rotten – she deserves it!

Happy Mother's Day from The Contemporary Home.

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slogan inspired gifts

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Get the message across with Slogan inspired gifts

Slogans, they’re everywhere! On billboards, sprawled across buses, flashing up on our computer screens and flooding our social media accounts. But don’t be fooled! These slogans can enter into our subconsciousness more than we give them credit for and not all slogans are created equally.

 hello sunshine coin purse  gorgeous make up bag  girls hip flask

Here at the contemporary home we positively love a good slogan, just as long as they're just that; a positive and feel good slogan to help motivate us through the day. So much so is our penchant for emotive words that we plaster our office with them and pretty well anything else that's in our possession. Wallets, bags, signs and even cases for our glasses, the use of a slogan stamp in our world has no limits! So we thought is only fair of us to share a few of our favourite pieces with you, so that you too can have constant reminders throughout your day of just how awesome life is and how much you totally rock it!

Slogans for me

 L'Oréal coined the perfect slogan in their advertising campaign Because I’m worth it! And us girls in the office really couldn’t argue with that. That's why we’re addicts for self affirming confidence boosting slogans that let all you independent women out there know that you really are worth it every time you see one of these fun products.

Such as with this monochrome Awesome is my middle name coin purse, or the smile purse from the same range that's sure to make you do just that every time you go to use it.

awesome monochrome coin purse nobody said it was easy make up bag smile coin purse

Messages for a Beauty queen

If you know someone for whom Retail therapy is the answer then we have a whole host of fun slogan bearing beauty accessories to spur your gal or puss on through her day. This fun makeup bag reminds us that It’s not easy looking this good, or maybe this pink Time for the war paint makeup bag would be more to your best friends humour? And our beauty slogans don't just stop at makeup bags. We've also got fun beauty accessories such as thing fun compact mirror for your handbag telling us that we’re looking good, as if we needed reminding!

warpaint make up bag compact mirror make up bag

Slogans for special occasions

Here at The Contemporary Home we are very aware that No great story ever started with someone drinking water. God knows we’ve had enough office parties to know that what happens at TCH towers stays at TCH towers once the Christmas party fizz starts flowing! That’s why we think these fun slogan inscribed gifts such as our keepsake hip flask or My dreams, regimes and mischievous schemes notebook, make the perfect gift for hen parties, wedding favours or milestone birthdays. Why not accompany them with a bottle of your friends favourite tipple in the case of the hip flask, or some cheeky bubbles with the notebook to really bring out the mischievous side of the celebration.

slogan note book slogan hip flask life is short coin purse

So whatever the occasion and whether you're buying for yourself or for a loved one, surrounding yourself with feel good words can never be faltered. Sometimes all it takes is to bring out our funny motivational slogan on our purse, when we’re stuck in a an endless queue or have been caught in the rain, to bring a bit of sunshine to our life and remind us of good people and good times. And if all else fails just remember; Life is the shoes!

Botanical inspiration for your home

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Botanical inspiration for your home

botanical wooden sign  green fern glass tealight holders  ceramic artichoke tealight holder

The age old study of Botanics can be traced back as far as medieval Europe and the Physic gardens which were used to develop medicinal herbs. In the 17th century  botanical gardens began displaying the various imports from across the new colonies. Whilst the 18th century saw plant classification and taxonomy and the trend for economic botany flourishing at the likes of Royal Kew gardens.


To be enjoyed as much as a scientific and educational endeavour as a pleasurable pastime, Botany has left with it a beautiful array of detailed illustrations accompanied by exotic sounding Latin names often written below in beautifully inked calligraphics. This makes vintage Botanical exerts wonderful pieces of interior decoration, especially for a kitchen or dining room; however also fitting for a hallway, toilet or conservatory.

The botanical garden into your kitchen

If you’re a fan of vintage then botanical could be the perfect choice for your kitchen style. Although botanic will sit fine alongside plain white or cream kitchens, the look really achieves some more depth with the addition of some vintage colours on the walls such as sage green, clay or slate; Delux heritage paints are a good place to start when looking for inspiration. Think matte, creamy tones in slightly darker than normal greens, greys and beiges that can be lifted with an almost white pink or with natural light wood.


Once you’ve set your base tones on the feature walls then you can begin to give them a lift with the addition of some framed botanical illustrations. In fitting with the kitchen theme, vintage illustrations of vegetables and herbs will add an interesting focal point to your walls and help offer some lighter and brighter contrast against heritage colour wall paints. And if you can find any old cook books or antique gardening books to line the shelves with then even better. Ebay is a good place to start when looking for these as well as having a good rummage around charity shops and antique book shops.


 Botanical ceramic jugs    ceramic artichoke tealight holder


Finally adding a few accessories such as a tin watering can stuffed with aromatic dried flowers, or these botanical jugs in two sizes, will add a pretty finishing touch to windowsills or kitchen tables. We also love these artichoke ceramic tealight holders that would look great nestled amongst a collection of vintage green glass botanical bottles and a couple of your favourite herb plants.


Bringing the botanical style to your bathroom

There’s so many ways that you can bring a bit of botanic into your bathroom or toilet. As with the kitchen an instant way to achieve the look  is to frame some vintage botanical illustrations, but this time pipe for flowers and plants. We think this large green leaf ceramic vase would look equally as good stuffed with cotton buds as it would flowers. And this stylish botanic glass dish botanic glass decorative dishwith some floral scented pot pourri is a nice way to keep bathroom wafts at bay.

 green leaf ceramic vase

A large leaved plant such as a banana plant is a fabulous way to add an air of exotic colonial style to your bathroom. Bit of a bad track record on the houseplant care front? Why not go for a collection of cacti instead? And place mini placards with them saying what each plant is called in the true style of a botanical garden.

Finally finish off with a few pretty tealight holders such as these Green fern or green glass hanging tea light holders; perfect for lighting with some rose scented candles and then diving down into the depths of a lovely bubble bath filled with your favourite botanical bath mix.

green fern glass tealight holders    green glass hanging tealight holders


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Ceramic Pinapple ornament  parrot novelty bottle opener  ceramic parrot vase


Whatever the weather you can never fail to feel the sunshine vibes when you have a twist of tropical around the house. Maybe you’re hosting a Hawaiian themed party and want some fun party accessories? Or are you a perpetual summer barbecuer who loves nothing more than grilling up a bit of surf and turf? Or maybe you’re just a summer addict whose idea of paradise is swaying palms and pina coladas in the sun? Whatever your reasons there’s no denying that Tropical style will make you smile! And the good news is you don’t even need to splash out on an expensive airfare to get a taste of paradise. With a little bit of imagination and a large pinch of salt, you can recreate your own paradisiacal haven in your very own home.

How to throw a Tropical party


 Tropical summer drinking jars  pinapple fruit platter  tropical drinking straws


  • Colour, and lots of it: Nothing quite screams out The tropics like the use of colour. This is not the time to be shy and overly coordinated. Cram as many bright colours as you can into your party space, with clashing being positively encouraged. These set of 4 Hiball glasses are the perfect way to serve up your rum punch, and as they come in 4 different colours it means that people are less likely to mix up their glasses once they've had a few of your homemade Caribbean punch of choice.

  • Get fruity: now is literally the time to put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up! Forget your boring apples and pears, we’re talking pineapple, mango, banana, melon and kiwi added to anything from cakes to drinks to salsas. And the fruit shouldn't just be restricted to your buffet or barbecue. String up tropical fruit bunting, serve cheeky fruit on a stick from a pineapple fruit platter and sip your sex on the beach cocktails out of tropical fruit straws.

  • Don't be shy with the patterns: Think Hawaiian shirts, hibiscus flowers, palm leaf motifs, parrots, or cheesy 80’s style sunsets. Whether they be on the clothes you're wearing, the linen that you dress your table with, bunting, napkins or any other party accessory; bold is better, as are patterns so busy that they make your eyes go fuzzy.

  • Tropical tunes: who can resist getting up and having a boogie to club tropicana by Wham? Or having a bounce to some feel good reggae?Or maybe some sunset beats inspired by the ibiza vibe are more your thing? Whatever you go for just remember to keep it uplifting and light, so when the drinks start flowing those moves keep on showing!

  • Parrots: Now we know that getting hold of a real life parrot and house training it in time for your party may be a bit of a feat. But we honestly believe that you haven’t fully stepped into The tropics until you have one of these prettily coloured feathered friends in your home or garden. Luckily these playful and kitsch ceramic parrot ornaments behave themselves much more than their jungle bound counterparts, and have the added advantage of being able to cheer up a bathroom or hallway once the party’s over. We like to nestle them alongside a banana plant for a really tropical piece of interior decoration.

    parrot wall decoration

So whether it's just for a themed day or night of sunshine inspired fun, or you're embracing the Tropical style more permanently into your home, we reckon that you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and needs amongst our bright and cheerful collection of tropical home and party accessories. So sit back, pour yourself another fruity cocktail and let the fun begin; you can almost hear the sway of the palms and the waves crashing in!



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Hygge at home

Friday, 16 December 2016

Embrace bedding down for the winter with Hygge at home

Whilst some might view the long dark winter months as a drudgery, filled with doom and gloom, one culture has found a way to embrace the enforced bedding down that the winter months entail;bringing with it a social acceptance of all things cosy and housebound.


The Danish concept of Hygge has no direct translation in English, but can be seen as an embracing of cosiness and recognising the beauty in the simple pleasures of life. Plagued by relentlessly cold and dark winters, the Danish have learnt the art of partial hibernating in style. While us Brits are complaining about the weather, our danish counterparts positively welcome in the colder climes as an opportunity to bring out the cashmere and soft wools and to savour a cup of freshly ground coffee in front of a roaring open fire.


Now is the time to slow things right down, to enjoy relaxed moments with our friends and loved ones over home cooked comfort food of wholesome goodness and to take stock of the little things around us that we may not have had time to enjoy in the more active outdoorsy summer months.


Kindle wood decorative tin bucket  wooden recipe storage rack  Copper dipped tea light holder

How to create the Hygge look at home


One of the key factors in creating a Hygge vibe around the home is softness and warmth. Soft natural fabrics that make you want to cuddle up and melt into them feature in your home in the form of cashmere throws to pull over you whilst you’re watching your favourite old film rerun, accompanied by natural cotton cushions and woolen rugs feeling soft and luxurious under your thick sock clad feet.


A notable ritual of many Hygge homes is the daily inclusion of candlelight; a heartwarming way to bring some soft ambient light into an otherwise dark room. Hygge is not lighting a candle to impress others, but simply lighting a candle for your own sake to make a chapel of warmth for you to yield to. Why not line your mantlepiece with some of these Copper dipped tea light holders to further add some gentle glowing tones to your living room. Or use Rose gold tealights for a feminine metallic effect, perfect for lighting in your bathroom whilst enjoying a long soak in a hot bubble bath.

Fire light and fairy lights


rose gold tea light holder  wooden house garland with LED lights  Rose gold faceted tea light holder


Of course the ultimate in winter comfort comes from snuggling up by a roaring fire. If you're lucky enough to have a fire in your home then these wonderful coal and Kindling wood grey tin buckets are the perfect understated accessory to keep by the fireplace.

In fact the inclusion of wood, with its soft natural tones is another key component in the Hygge style. We particularly love these very Scandinavian wooden heart or house fairy lights. A great way to add a mellow glow to the end of your bedpost, a bookshelf or simply hanging down in an interior archway. These battery operated lights look great for Christmas, but are so heart-warming that you’ll be sure to want to leave them up for the whole winter.

Home sweet home

wooden home sweet home sign  wooden heart nordic garland with LED lights


And don’t forget that Hygge is all about treasuring those special moments of downtime and reflection that spending more time at home can offer you. Proudly make your house a home with the inclusion of quaint little touches such as this Home sweet home wooden sign, perfect for decorating the kitchen, where you can spend many an hour lazily whiling the hours away over steaming mugs of hot chocolate and homemade cookies, whilst catching up with your friends and family.


So what are you waiting for? Go get your favourite PJ’s on, light the fire or some candles, pour yourself a steaming mug of your favourite hot drink and nestle in for a night in with your favourite book with some gentle music playing in the background. All of a sudden winter doesn’t seem so bad after all hey! You’ve just got to know how to make the most of it.And trust me by reading this article, you’re already halfway there. Happy Hygging!



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The Nautical Home

Saturday, 10 December 2016

nautical tote bag  nautical fish jugs  wooden fish plinth

From beach huts to beach homes - The nautical Edit from The Contemporary home

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! -  and the fact of the matter is who doesn’t? With its cheerful and invigorating sights and sounds of waves lapping the shoreline and seagulls calling out; as children laugh and play finding beach bound treasures such as swirling seashells and sea glass softened by the sands of time to take home in their pockets as a memory of their day running free by the sea.


Being based on a little island off the south coast of England, the team here at The Contemporary Home still has an element of those beachcombing children in our hearts. We understand the joy and beauty of the sea in our humble island life and continue to surround ourselves with the treasures and curiosities that seaside living offers up to you. That's why we consider ourselves the best people for the job when it comes to curating an authentic and idiosyncratic collection of nautical themed products for your house.

Key colours of The Nautical look

It goes without saying that blues and greens feature heavily in any marine inspired interior to reflect the tones of the ocean and the expansiveness of the sky. The combination of blue and white is a classical nautical design combo, such as with these glass nautical coasters with fish design or fun life is better at the beach sign, and a good go to for instantly creating a fresh seaside style space if you’re sprucing up your wall paint. Think a soft and clean white paint on all major walls, with a feature wall painted in a bold marine blue or decked out in a blue and white nautically inspired wallpaper.

 wooden nautical sign         nautical coasters with fish design

We mustn't forget too the soft and warm tones that the shoreline offers us, of beige, light grey, dusty pink and powder blue; picking up on the weather worn colours of the driftwood washed up on the pretty shells of the shore. The inclusion of wood is paramount to setting off this milder colour palette, such as with the addition of some natural wooden sailboats on a windowsill, a collection of seashells filling a large decorative glass bowl, and the addition of a driftwood mirror to reflect more light around the room.


If you feel like you want a touch more colour in your beach themed room then ice cream coloured accessories are a fun and carefree spin on the seaside style. Or you could even go full out for the look by accessorising the room with vintage ice cream signs and stripey pastel toned cushions reminiscent of the days of ice cream eating on a deckchair in the british summer time.

Money for old rope

Do you sometimes look at nautical products on sale  and think ‘I could make something like that’! Well here at The Contemporary home we’re just brimming with ideas of how to set about becoming a coastal artisan.


Make a nautical wreath:

Start with a ring of thick wire around which you can wrap some rope (old rope optional!). Once you have a base then you can stick on all manner of beachcombing treasures which your kids have trawled home with them from your day by the sea. Alternatively you can cut out fish shapes from old drinks cans to create a colourful school of fish.


Make a driftwood sign:

The key thing to remember here is that first of all you’ll need to wash and leave to dry out again whatever piece of reclaimed wood you're using to get rid of all the salt. Finishing it off with a good marine varnish will also prevent drift wood from rotting and give it a lovely high shine. For the lettering you can cut out a stencil with a pen knife using some sticky back plastic that will sit nice and tightly against the wood. Then you simply spray your message of choice with some spray paint and then when dry peel the plastic away to reveal the wording beneath. Hang your sign with some nautical rope strung up through a couple of drill holes.


Haven’t got the time? Then luckily we have a whole range of nautical signs for you to choose from to add a touch of seaside style to bathrooms, conservatories or anywhere where you see fit.

nautical wooden sign  nautical bunting  nautical ribbon

Bring out the bunting:

Stringing up some bunting can animate a room with a sunny air of seaside spirit. Simply cut out triangles of fabric in a collection of patterned cottons and sew them along a length of webbing. Or why not use our nautical beach hut ribbon instead, accompanied by triangles of baby blue and beige. A great accessory for a kids nursery! If your sewing skills leave much to be desired, then our fun blue and white fish bunting  will instantly fill any room with the charm of the British seaside.

Beach huts in your beach house

beach hut storage boxes  nautical letter rack  beach hut wall hooks

We’ve got to admit, we’re suckers for beach huts here at The Contemporary Home! Probably due to the fact that they line our southern beaches here on Hayling Island, bringing iconic bursts of colour to our coast with their multi coloured painted wood. So that’s why we’ve curated these fun beach hut inspired products such as these pastel coloured Wall storage boxes, Beach hut picture frame and storage hooks and a delightful blue letter storage rack chirpily decorated with a beach hut motif. All of them making great gift ideas for a sea loving friend or family member.


It really only takes the addition of a few key pieces to turn an otherwise plain space into a seaside escape. Why not use our rope doorstop to hold doors prone to swinging open? Include a few decorative nautical ornaments like these white ceramic seahorse ornaments on shelves, and then set a bit of ambience by filling a few fisherman’s lanterns with sea breeze scented candles. And for an extra personal touch, get one of your favourite family pics from a beach day printed onto canvas to take pride of place on your wall.







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Retro glass Christmas decorations

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Retro glass bauble santa on a scooter  3 kings retro glass baubles  retro glass robot decoration

Get your Christmas tree rockin with Retro this Christmas

Lets face it, who wouldn't want to jump back to a Christmas in 1950’s America if they could just once? A time oozing with all the classic icons that we've come to associate with Christmas now: Bing Crosby singing White Christmas on the record player, the smell of freshly baked cinnamon topped biscuits wafting out from the kitchen, and Dad coming home arms laden with gifts on Christmas eve to place under a colourfully decorated tree - quite possibly of the new reusable tinsel clad variety - brimming with joyful glass decorations and multi-coloured fairy lights. Oh what days of optimism and prosperity they were! Where the austerity of the war years was shaken off in full swing with a cacophony of colours, playfulness and joy.

The enduring charm of a Retro Christmas


There’s no wonder that this jolly Christmas style is still so dear to our hearts. With Christmas being one of those times of year when we positively revel in nostalgia. Admit it! You can't resist putting on your favourite Christmas classics to get you rocking around the Christmas tree with a glass of mulled wine (or maybe even a cheeky snowball!) when the holidays are upon us. And who can resist the seasonal recipes of years gone by that instantly transport you back to your childhood memories of this special time of year.

In a time when we are encouraged to constantly be striving for the future and embracing new fast paced technologies, there's something to be said for having a couple of weeks in the year whereby we can find solace it what once was; in simpler and more naive times filled with laughter and joy.

OK so kids will continue to get their new technologies and then proceed to sit there and bury their heads in them for the rest of Christmas day, but that doesn't mean that we can’t whip up a bit of nostalgia by putting on some retro Christmas songs (even if we’re now streaming them from the internet), stoking up a fire and taking pleasure from playful retro decorations brimming with colour and vintage appeal. And you never know, it may even lure the kids to rear their downward google gazing heads from their appliances for just long enough for them to soak up a bit of this old fashioned fun!

Our favourite retro glass baubles

Dachshund decoration  Glass Santa decoration  Vintage glass christmas decorations

Here at The Contemporary home we’ve curated a collection of what we believe to be the best Retro glass Christmas decorations presently on the market. Unashamedly bright and brimming with vintage charm these animated retro baubles are sure to become firm family favourites that are joyfully brought out year after year.

Take for example these delightful Santas, riding either a scooter or a red car brimming with Christmas presents for the children of the land. Or maybe our three kings nutcracker decorations, paying homage to the greatest of Christmas stories.

Whimsical, chintzy and oh so kitsch are our delightful glass dog decorations. Yes we know that the Dachhund is wearing a soldier outfit and another is sporting a carnival costume, and so what if the Chihuahua is kitted out in a sequin clad tutu, isn’t what fun and frivolity what Christmas Retro is all about?

But our absolute favourite has to be our rocking robots, masquerading as either an astronaut, space ship or santa himself. Could the space age era be personified in any more of an endearing way? We’d say get them with the kids in mind, but the truth of the matter is these keepsake glass baubles are bound to appeal to the inner child in any adult too.

Accessorise your Christmas home the retro way!

Free standing merry christmas sign  Retro Christmas sign  Santa its a long story sign

Baubles aside there's so many other ways that can make your Christmas house a retro home. One easy way is to include some vintage signs amongst your wall hangings with seasons greetings adorning them. Or why not print your favourite vintage christmas images from the internet and make a large collage of the images overlapping each other at jaunty angles. If you don't have a spare frame, then just paste them onto a piece of board with wallpaper paste and then spray with a gloss varnish for an extra finish.

If you’re lucky enough to have some vintage vinyl such as Nat king Cole and Frank Sinatra hanging around the house, then why not make a Christmas songs hall of fame and hang them along a wall with a cheerful tinsel frame.

And for the ultimate in vintage christmas entertaining why not dust off the old drink trolley that you have up in the attic and cram it full of classic retro drinks staples, morello cherries, umbrellas & flamingo drink stirrers and Baby Cham, ready to mix up a Tom collins, Snowballs or a Christmas Fruit punch for any visiting houseguest.

Retro baby deer christmas decoration






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blue sequin bauble  clip on peacock decoration  turquoise flower tea light holder

Peacock brights for dark nights

Tired of the same old colour themes at Christmas? Feeling that red, gold and green is dated and that silver is too cold? Well maybe this year it's time for something really different that's not afraid to put on a bit of a show? Why not pipe for peacock this Christmas as an exotic and super stylish alternative to the traditional Christmas colour palettes of years gone by!

What defines Peacock Brights?

Rich midnight blue, deep purple, emerald green, turquoise, teal, crimson and gold. The peacock colours scream out to be noticed with a proud air of opulence that need not hide behind any notions of minimalism. Peacock brights is about being bold and standing out in a crowd, incorporating all the showiness and glamour of the real life bird itself.

Just as the colours are rich and luxurious in their nature, so too should the materials that accompany them be. Think shiny sequins, glowing glitter, metallic and gloss finishes, silk & satin and of course feathers! The aim here is luxury and exotic grandeur to echo this most extravagant of birds.

Native to India and Sri Lanka where they are revered and allowed to wander the land freely, India and Bollywood understandably make an appearance in this unapologetically ostentatious Christmas style.Take for example these Bollywood inspired hand painted Christmas decorations that come in a delightful purple, crimson or turquoise option, each decorated with a beautiful snowflake motif. Or these pretty Peacock tea light holders that are intricately adorned with Indian Esque sequins and glitter representing the beautiful feathers of a peacock. A great stocking filler idea this Christmas!

Indian elephant christmas decorations     glass peacock tealight holders Bollywood style

Peacock also has aires of Art Nouveau to it with its reference to the exotic and the natural world. Why not dress an early century style vase with some peacock feathers? For an Art Nouveau inspired addition to an entrance hall concierge table. Or add a peacock window panel to a kitchen dresser as an alternative to a festive stained glass window.

Peacock inspired Christmas decoration and ornamentation

From small baubles to big sweeping drapes made from peacock toned satins you can enter into this look on any level which you feel fitting. But we think if you’re going to do it then go for it in all its eye catching extravagance.

geometric hanging decorations peacock colours  christmas tree fairy in peacock colours  glass peacock bauble

So this year we’ll be incorporating indian textiles in purple, teal and gold into our interior spaces in the form of scatter cushions, table cloths and throws. Lining the mantlepiece with Bollywood style peacock tea lights to set the mood. Hanging an array glass baubles and Christmas decorations shining with sequins and glitter from our peacock themed Christmas tree. And of course there'll be feathers! Lots of them! Brimming from vases, hanging on our door wreaths, and delicately tied together to create stylish garlands. Because hey! If you can't go all out and get in touch with your showy side with a look like peacock brights, then when can you?



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owl christmas stocking  woodland natural christmas tree decorations  alpine houses LED wooden garland

Snuggle up with Winter woodland in your Christmas home


The Danish concept of Hygge: pronounced “heurgha”, which pays homage to the little things in life and encourages you to create cosy, warm and simplistic interior spaces, is definitely the inspiration for winter style at the moment. And here at The Contemporary home we believe that Hygge can even extend to Christmas decoration, more specifically through the use of natural materials, the use of warming candlelight and a welcoming in of nature that so defines the Scandinavian way of life.


Step forward the Woodland style, whereby natural light woods, bristle, bark and alpine inspired animals and evergreens take centre stage!


Snuggle down for some family time

log LED battery operated candle  wooden star LED light ornament


Christmas is a time when we get to snuggle down as a family next to a roaring fire and spend some relaxing quality moments together. Help the family to nestle in this Yuletide with the addition of soft woolen throws and faux fur cushions scattered around your living spaces. Then fill your rooms with as many soft ambient lighting options as possible, keeping it natural and inviting throughout.  We think that these log battery candles with star design are a clever alternative to real candle light if you have young children in the house. And this light up star ornament with LED’s would light up any dark corner of the house on these cold winter night.


An affinity with nature

bristle mouse Christmas decoration  woodland animal bristle decorations  woodland animal bristle decorations

With their cute little features and adorable postures, these woodland animals from the Natural bristle glitter animal tree decoration range are sure fire heart stealers. Kids will melt at their sweet little eyes looking up at them, and most adults will find it hard not to feel a tug on the heartstrings with these charming decorations. With a rabbit, reindeer, bear or mouse to choose from, you can invite the whole of the magic of the mountain into your Christmas home.

 white ceramic owl tea light holders

Another option for ambient lighting can be found in these two ceramic owl tea light holders. In soft toned stoneware fitting perfectly with the natural tones of the Woodland look, these winter birds are perfect for owl collectors and lovers, or simply a quirky way to introduce a bit of the natural world into your home.

 large wall mounted reindeer stag head

If the idea of snuggling up in a country lodge appeals to your sense of wellbeing then maybe the addition of this fun Large wall hanging stag head could be just the thing to finish your room off with. This realistic looking stag head looks great on a feature wall such as a fire breast and also works perfectly in the hallway.


More trees please!

Nothing says Winter woodland more than evergreen trees, and in our opinion you can never have too many of them around your home at Christmas. Ok so we recognise that kiting your house out with a forest of natural Christmas trees could get a little pricey (and crowded!), so as an affordable and more space conscious alternative we have selected these Snowy trees on a log. Adorn bathroom shelves with these snow scattered mini Christmas trees, or place on a tabletop with the addition of some mini baubles for a naturalistic table centrepiece. Or for a real Woodland effect, arrange a selection of these reusable Christmas trees at different heights on pieces of log collected from your local woods and scatter natural pine cones all around them.

mini christmas tree table top decoration  gold glisten table top christmas tree decoration

So get the fire roaring, light your candles, pour yourself a glass of your favourite wine and get out a board game to play with the kids. Surrounded by the heartwarming and comforting characters and materials of the Winter woodland and the charming simplicity of a night spent in together playing games. Never has hibernating seemed so appealing!

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