Whatever kind of Halloween you want, we’ve got it!

It’s nearly time for spooks and spiders, screams and skeletons…and lots and lots of orange! Speaking of orange, when we were having great fun buying the Halloween range this year, we started talking about pumpkins (as you do!) and when, and why, they became part of the celebration. After a bit of digging around on the web (pardon the pun!), we discovered that the tradition of carving Jack-o’-lanterns originated hundreds of years ago in Ireland. Back then, it was potatoes or turnips that were carefully carved out and lit with candles, but pumpkins took over when Irish immigrants arrived in the USA from the 1820’s onwards. We didn’t know that!

What we did know though was this: Every year we get asked for grown-up spooky bits as well as great treats for kids. It seems that quite a few adults enjoy the age-old Celtic festival marking the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead…eek!

So, for the young at heart but old of flesh (we’re getting into the spirit of it, ha!), take a look at these rather stylish and infinitely spooky offerings:


And for the children, as they play tricks and cast spells on one another, choose potion bottles in the shape of skills and spiders bigger than your hand!


And if all that hasn’t left you hiding beneath the bed, why not get completely into it by decorating your front door or porch too? Our particular favourite is the arched-back cat (black, of course)! 


But if all you want is a quiet, traditional night at home, then forget the trick or treating, curl up with a good ghost story, bob a few apples and put a carved, lit pumpkin on your windowsill. Whatever you do, everyone at The Contemporary Home wishes you a scarily spooky night…