A great way to combine style with function

We have chosen some great items of kitchen enamelware for our 2011 collection. One of my personal favourites is our beautiful green French enamel pot which measures 15cms high and comes with a lid. It’s perfect for keeping kitchen bits safe, as well as for storing essentials such as rock salt or sugar. Another kitchen enamelware essential is our cream enamel flour shaker. Being a keen cake-maker, I know that taking a moment to sift the flour really makes a difference to the way the sponge turns out, and this handy item is the perfect solution. Minimum effort with maximum result. Perfect!

And finally, yet another truly function item of kitchen enamelware – our cream recycling bucket. When all the cooking and vegetable scrapping has been done, simply pop them in the bucket and put the lid on. Keeps scraps tidy until you fill the composter and at 28cms tall, it sits neatly on the window sill or worktop.

cream enamel recycling bucket

Have fun in the kitchen.