Love them or hate them? There’s no denying that this most controversial of Christmas dinner staples just screams of festive seasonality!

Here at The Contemporary home we just love everything about these little continental cabbages. They’re nutritious, making an excellent source of vitamin C and K, and we think that they’re delicious too, especially when jazzed up with some roasted chestnuts or bacon lardons. And to add to that they have a beautifully vibrant green colour that have got our designer’s taste buds going over a whole range of creative ideas inspired by Brussel sprouts.
Intrigued? This post offers you a take on sprouts that will leave you never being able to see this seasonal vegetable in the same light again. From our favourite recipes to Christmas decorating ideas with the humble sprout, let no corner of the Christmas home be untouched by this vivacious vegetable this Yuletide!

Cooking with Sprouts


So nobody likes a soggy sprout boiled within an inch of its life, sitting there feeling sorry for itself and cowering in fear next to the proud as punch pigs in blankets or golden roasties. However with a bit of TLC and imagination you can transform this humble leafy green veg into a regal side dish that will stand up to even the most pompous of potatoes.

We’ve compiled a few suggestions of our favourite Brussel sprout recipes to get your taste buds tingling. Fitting for Christmas day itself, as a Boxing day buffet offering, or as a healthy December dinner option to boost your immune system on those cold winter nights.
A wonderfully festive way to spruce up your sprouts for Christmas dinner:

Perfect for a Boxing day hot buffet to accompany a roast ham, or make them into a Vegetarian main with the addition of quinoa:


For the ultimate winter comfort food, just add cheese:


If you need a light and healthy winter mid week meal, or an impressive winter salad for a buffet:

Thinking outside the (Veg) box!: Brussel sprout Christmas decorations


Layers of delicate green leaves, a festive green colour and a perfectly formed little bauble shape, Brussel sprouts make an eye catching and playful alternative to your standard Christmas decorations that are sure to get your festive house guests talking.


Our tongue in cheek range of Brussel sprout Christmas decorations are cleverly made from realistic looking silk, allowing you the decoration without the deterioration that using real sprouts would incur.



Start with your front door and really stand out from the crowd, decorating your front door with one of our spirited Brussel sprout wreaths. Available in either a traditional circular design, or a distinctive heart or star shape. We even have a mini wreath, perfect for hanging off kitchen cupboard doors or for your fridge door.


Creating a festive food themed Christmas tree


Why not create a deliciously fun themed tree this year by combining all of our festive foodie favourites. Think Christmas pudding baubles, candy canes, strings of handmade popcorn garlands, and of course a good half a dozen of our individual sprout decorations, prettily tied up with a festive red ribbon.


These individual sprout decorations also make a great addition to your Christmas dinner table decoration. We like to use them as a convivial alternative to the traditional napkin ring. Made even more playful if they end up at the place setting of a non sprout loving family member!


In fact these alternative christmas decorations can be added to just about anywhere. Think about hanging them from a kitchen or dining room house plant, tying them around storage jars on display, or even using them to adorn your gift wrapping when presenting a gift to a foodie.



Getting rid of those unwelcome wafts!


And if the smell of cooked sprouts really is too much for your household to bear then why not fill your room with the aroma of citrusy satsumas with The Contemporary home’s scented sprout candle. A fabulous stocking filler idea for the head chef in the family that comes in a smart sprout loving gift box.

 Love Sprouts! Clemantine scented candle  individual brussel sprout christmas decoration

So whether you adore these green globes of goodness or loathe the appearance on your plate of this most controversial of winter veg, these feel good festive decorations are sure to bring a smile to the face of any houseguest and become a family favourite (at least on the decoration front) for many years to come. Just don't try and add them to your bubble and squeak whatever you do!

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