blue sequin bauble  clip on peacock decoration  turquoise flower tea light holder

Peacock brights for dark nights

Tired of the same old colour themes at Christmas? Feeling that red, gold and green is dated and that silver is too cold? Well maybe this year it's time for something really different that's not afraid to put on a bit of a show? Why not pipe for peacock this Christmas as an exotic and super stylish alternative to the traditional Christmas colour palettes of years gone by!

What defines Peacock Brights?

Rich midnight blue, deep purple, emerald green, turquoise, teal, crimson and gold. The peacock colours scream out to be noticed with a proud air of opulence that need not hide behind any notions of minimalism. Peacock brights is about being bold and standing out in a crowd, incorporating all the showiness and glamour of the real life bird itself.

Just as the colours are rich and luxurious in their nature, so too should the materials that accompany them be. Think shiny sequins, glowing glitter, metallic and gloss finishes, silk & satin and of course feathers! The aim here is luxury and exotic grandeur to echo this most extravagant of birds.

Native to India and Sri Lanka where they are revered and allowed to wander the land freely, India and Bollywood understandably make an appearance in this unapologetically ostentatious Christmas style.Take for example these Bollywood inspired hand painted Christmas decorations that come in a delightful purple, crimson or turquoise option, each decorated with a beautiful snowflake motif. Or these pretty Peacock tea light holders that are intricately adorned with Indian Esque sequins and glitter representing the beautiful feathers of a peacock. A great stocking filler idea this Christmas!

Indian elephant christmas decorations     glass peacock tealight holders Bollywood style

Peacock also has aires of Art Nouveau to it with its reference to the exotic and the natural world. Why not dress an early century style vase with some peacock feathers? For an Art Nouveau inspired addition to an entrance hall concierge table. Or add a peacock window panel to a kitchen dresser as an alternative to a festive stained glass window.

Peacock inspired Christmas decoration and ornamentation

From small baubles to big sweeping drapes made from peacock toned satins you can enter into this look on any level which you feel fitting. But we think if you’re going to do it then go for it in all its eye catching extravagance.

geometric hanging decorations peacock colours  christmas tree fairy in peacock colours  glass peacock bauble

So this year we’ll be incorporating indian textiles in purple, teal and gold into our interior spaces in the form of scatter cushions, table cloths and throws. Lining the mantlepiece with Bollywood style peacock tea lights to set the mood. Hanging an array glass baubles and Christmas decorations shining with sequins and glitter from our peacock themed Christmas tree. And of course there'll be feathers! Lots of them! Brimming from vases, hanging on our door wreaths, and delicately tied together to create stylish garlands. Because hey! If you can't go all out and get in touch with your showy side with a look like peacock brights, then when can you?