Labrador Snow Globe  pug dog Christmas decoration  Love Cat Sign

A dog’s not just for Christmas!

Whether you’re a man’s best friend lover or more of a fan of our feline friends, there’s no denying that a house really wouldn’t be a home without our much loved furry house companions, especially around Christmas.

Ok so the cat has jumped up at a poor unsuspecting bauble and dragged the tree down with it in the process. The dog has found the kids stash of stocking chocolate and is now sitting sheepishly in the corner with bits of broken foil dubiously marking his trail. But hey it's no wonder they’re acting out of sorts, as the kids have been trying to dress them up in their new dolls clothes and Santa hats all morning!

Here at The Contemporary home we’ve curated what we believe to be the most adorable range of pet themed Christmas decorations on the market today. Cats, dogs, birds and horses, there's something for every pet owner and animal lover this Yuletide.

Pet and Child Proof decorations

Felt Cat decoration  Set of 2 felt Scottie Dog Chrsitmas decorations  Sausage dog Christmas decoration

If it's not one it's the other right? Kids, pets or both together as a joint effort smashing up your best baubles. Never fear there is a solution to your Christmas bauble conundrums! And it comes in the form off felt Christmas decorations.

Not only are these quaint Christmas decorations soft and therefore fully child and pet proof, but they also have a lovely crafty homemade feel to them that will really help to make your Christmas house a home.

Hand stitched little Scottie dogs sporting a seasonal tartan scarf, an adorable felt sausage dog, a tabby pussy cat, and of course all of your favourite alpine animals. These homespun christmas decorations are both pretty and practical and are guaranteed to keep on going for years.

Something a bit special - Keepsake Christmas baubles

Chichuahua decoration  Dachshund decoration

So maybe your kids have grown up now, your pets are finally house trained and you're ready to once again embrace the adornment of your tree with delicate glass baubles. Well here at the Contemporary home we pride ourselves on not only having tracked down some of the most beautiful pet themed glass baubles out there, but also some of the quirkiest.

And it doesn’t get much more idiosyncratic than this range of carnival style glass dog baubles! Bedecked in sequin clad tutus, and feather headdresses, these delightful dog decorations make a fun keepsake gift idea for a dog lover or collector. Choose from a Chihuahua, Pug or Dachshund, to add a decidedly flamboyant flair of fun to any Christmas tree.

Cute puppy decorations full of character


terrier dog Christmas decoration  Labrador Christmas decoration  Collier Dog Christmas decoration

Who can resista puppy with their big brown droopy eyes, their enthusiastically wagging tails and their adorable little facial expressions? Our darling range of Christmas puppy decorations all have their very own unique character to them and include a Collie dog, West Highland terrier, Pug dog, Terrier puppy and even a Dalmatian! A delightful range of realistic looking little puppy dog decorations that are sure to steal the hearts of all those who lay eyes upon them.

Christmas Gift ideas for Pet lovers

  dog treats tin  cat Christmas sack  Dog bone paper clips

And of course the pet appreciation doesn’t need to stop at your Christmas tree. We’ve come up with a whole range of ideas for Christmas presents and stocking fillers for pet lovers; so that you can spend more time walking the dog and less time walking round shops.

Take for example this decorative ‘All you need is love and a cat sign’ that makes a perfect stocking filler idea for cat lovers. Or These fun Dog fridge magnets that come in a set of three. And if you think that your dog has a right to join in the Christmas fun too then why not get him his very own Christmas sack to cram full of lovely doggie treats and goodies.

And when all the fun of the big day is over then we all know that there's no better way to finish of the festivities than by curling up in front of the fire with your after dinner tipple of choice, the family all around and the household pets sat snugly on your lap or at your heels, ready to while away the rest of this oh so special of days.