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Get your Christmas tree rockin with Retro this Christmas

Lets face it, who wouldn't want to jump back to a Christmas in 1950’s America if they could just once? A time oozing with all the classic icons that we've come to associate with Christmas now: Bing Crosby singing White Christmas on the record player, the smell of freshly baked cinnamon topped biscuits wafting out from the kitchen, and Dad coming home arms laden with gifts on Christmas eve to place under a colourfully decorated tree - quite possibly of the new reusable tinsel clad variety - brimming with joyful glass decorations and multi-coloured fairy lights. Oh what days of optimism and prosperity they were! Where the austerity of the war years was shaken off in full swing with a cacophony of colours, playfulness and joy.

The enduring charm of a Retro Christmas


There’s no wonder that this jolly Christmas style is still so dear to our hearts. With Christmas being one of those times of year when we positively revel in nostalgia. Admit it! You can't resist putting on your favourite Christmas classics to get you rocking around the Christmas tree with a glass of mulled wine (or maybe even a cheeky snowball!) when the holidays are upon us. And who can resist the seasonal recipes of years gone by that instantly transport you back to your childhood memories of this special time of year.

In a time when we are encouraged to constantly be striving for the future and embracing new fast paced technologies, there's something to be said for having a couple of weeks in the year whereby we can find solace it what once was; in simpler and more naive times filled with laughter and joy.

OK so kids will continue to get their new technologies and then proceed to sit there and bury their heads in them for the rest of Christmas day, but that doesn't mean that we can’t whip up a bit of nostalgia by putting on some retro Christmas songs (even if we’re now streaming them from the internet), stoking up a fire and taking pleasure from playful retro decorations brimming with colour and vintage appeal. And you never know, it may even lure the kids to rear their downward google gazing heads from their appliances for just long enough for them to soak up a bit of this old fashioned fun!

Our favourite retro glass baubles

Dachshund decoration  Glass Santa decoration  Vintage glass christmas decorations

Here at The Contemporary home we’ve curated a collection of what we believe to be the best Retro glass Christmas decorations presently on the market. Unashamedly bright and brimming with vintage charm these animated retro baubles are sure to become firm family favourites that are joyfully brought out year after year.

Take for example these delightful Santas, riding either a scooter or a red car brimming with Christmas presents for the children of the land. Or maybe our three kings nutcracker decorations, paying homage to the greatest of Christmas stories.

Whimsical, chintzy and oh so kitsch are our delightful glass dog decorations. Yes we know that the Dachhund is wearing a soldier outfit and another is sporting a carnival costume, and so what if the Chihuahua is kitted out in a sequin clad tutu, isn’t what fun and frivolity what Christmas Retro is all about?

But our absolute favourite has to be our rocking robots, masquerading as either an astronaut, space ship or santa himself. Could the space age era be personified in any more of an endearing way? We’d say get them with the kids in mind, but the truth of the matter is these keepsake glass baubles are bound to appeal to the inner child in any adult too.

Accessorise your Christmas home the retro way!

Free standing merry christmas sign  Retro Christmas sign  Santa its a long story sign

Baubles aside there's so many other ways that can make your Christmas house a retro home. One easy way is to include some vintage signs amongst your wall hangings with seasons greetings adorning them. Or why not print your favourite vintage christmas images from the internet and make a large collage of the images overlapping each other at jaunty angles. If you don't have a spare frame, then just paste them onto a piece of board with wallpaper paste and then spray with a gloss varnish for an extra finish.

If you’re lucky enough to have some vintage vinyl such as Nat king Cole and Frank Sinatra hanging around the house, then why not make a Christmas songs hall of fame and hang them along a wall with a cheerful tinsel frame.

And for the ultimate in vintage christmas entertaining why not dust off the old drink trolley that you have up in the attic and cram it full of classic retro drinks staples, morello cherries, umbrellas & flamingo drink stirrers and Baby Cham, ready to mix up a Tom collins, Snowballs or a Christmas Fruit punch for any visiting houseguest.

Retro baby deer christmas decoration