Embrace bedding down for the winter with Hygge at home

Whilst some might view the long dark winter months as a drudgery, filled with doom and gloom, one culture has found a way to embrace the enforced bedding down that the winter months entail;bringing with it a social acceptance of all things cosy and housebound.


The Danish concept of Hygge has no direct translation in English, but can be seen as an embracing of cosiness and recognising the beauty in the simple pleasures of life. Plagued by relentlessly cold and dark winters, the Danish have learnt the art of partial hibernating in style. While us Brits are complaining about the weather, our danish counterparts positively welcome in the colder climes as an opportunity to bring out the cashmere and soft wools and to savour a cup of freshly ground coffee in front of a roaring open fire.


Now is the time to slow things right down, to enjoy relaxed moments with our friends and loved ones over home cooked comfort food of wholesome goodness and to take stock of the little things around us that we may not have had time to enjoy in the more active outdoorsy summer months.


Kindle wood decorative tin bucket  wooden recipe storage rack  Copper dipped tea light holder

How to create the Hygge look at home


One of the key factors in creating a Hygge vibe around the home is softness and warmth. Soft natural fabrics that make you want to cuddle up and melt into them feature in your home in the form of cashmere throws to pull over you whilst you’re watching your favourite old film rerun, accompanied by natural cotton cushions and woolen rugs feeling soft and luxurious under your thick sock clad feet.


A notable ritual of many Hygge homes is the daily inclusion of candlelight; a heartwarming way to bring some soft ambient light into an otherwise dark room. Hygge is not lighting a candle to impress others, but simply lighting a candle for your own sake to make a chapel of warmth for you to yield to. Why not line your mantlepiece with some of these Copper dipped tea light holders to further add some gentle glowing tones to your living room. Or use Rose gold tealights for a feminine metallic effect, perfect for lighting in your bathroom whilst enjoying a long soak in a hot bubble bath.

Fire light and fairy lights


rose gold tea light holder  wooden house garland with LED lights  Rose gold faceted tea light holder


Of course the ultimate in winter comfort comes from snuggling up by a roaring fire. If you're lucky enough to have a fire in your home then these wonderful coal and Kindling wood grey tin buckets are the perfect understated accessory to keep by the fireplace.

In fact the inclusion of wood, with its soft natural tones is another key component in the Hygge style. We particularly love these very Scandinavian wooden heart or house fairy lights. A great way to add a mellow glow to the end of your bedpost, a bookshelf or simply hanging down in an interior archway. These battery operated lights look great for Christmas, but are so heart-warming that you’ll be sure to want to leave them up for the whole winter.

Home sweet home

wooden home sweet home sign  wooden heart nordic garland with LED lights


And don’t forget that Hygge is all about treasuring those special moments of downtime and reflection that spending more time at home can offer you. Proudly make your house a home with the inclusion of quaint little touches such as this Home sweet home wooden sign, perfect for decorating the kitchen, where you can spend many an hour lazily whiling the hours away over steaming mugs of hot chocolate and homemade cookies, whilst catching up with your friends and family.


So what are you waiting for? Go get your favourite PJ’s on, light the fire or some candles, pour yourself a steaming mug of your favourite hot drink and nestle in for a night in with your favourite book with some gentle music playing in the background. All of a sudden winter doesn’t seem so bad after all hey! You’ve just got to know how to make the most of it.And trust me by reading this article, you’re already halfway there. Happy Hygging!