Botanical inspiration for your home

botanical wooden sign  green fern glass tealight holders  ceramic artichoke tealight holder

The age old study of Botanics can be traced back as far as medieval Europe and the Physic gardens which were used to develop medicinal herbs. In the 17th century  botanical gardens began displaying the various imports from across the new colonies. Whilst the 18th century saw plant classification and taxonomy and the trend for economic botany flourishing at the likes of Royal Kew gardens.


To be enjoyed as much as a scientific and educational endeavour as a pleasurable pastime, Botany has left with it a beautiful array of detailed illustrations accompanied by exotic sounding Latin names often written below in beautifully inked calligraphics. This makes vintage Botanical exerts wonderful pieces of interior decoration, especially for a kitchen or dining room; however also fitting for a hallway, toilet or conservatory.

The botanical garden into your kitchen

If you’re a fan of vintage then botanical could be the perfect choice for your kitchen style. Although botanic will sit fine alongside plain white or cream kitchens, the look really achieves some more depth with the addition of some vintage colours on the walls such as sage green, clay or slate; Delux heritage paints are a good place to start when looking for inspiration. Think matte, creamy tones in slightly darker than normal greens, greys and beiges that can be lifted with an almost white pink or with natural light wood.


Once you’ve set your base tones on the feature walls then you can begin to give them a lift with the addition of some framed botanical illustrations. In fitting with the kitchen theme, vintage illustrations of vegetables and herbs will add an interesting focal point to your walls and help offer some lighter and brighter contrast against heritage colour wall paints. And if you can find any old cook books or antique gardening books to line the shelves with then even better. Ebay is a good place to start when looking for these as well as having a good rummage around charity shops and antique book shops.


 Botanical ceramic jugs    ceramic artichoke tealight holder


Finally adding a few accessories such as a tin watering can stuffed with aromatic dried flowers, or these botanical jugs in two sizes, will add a pretty finishing touch to windowsills or kitchen tables. We also love these artichoke ceramic tealight holders that would look great nestled amongst a collection of vintage green glass botanical bottles and a couple of your favourite herb plants.


Bringing the botanical style to your bathroom

There’s so many ways that you can bring a bit of botanic into your bathroom or toilet. As with the kitchen an instant way to achieve the look  is to frame some vintage botanical illustrations, but this time pipe for flowers and plants. We think this large green leaf ceramic vase would look equally as good stuffed with cotton buds as it would flowers. And this stylish botanic glass dish botanic glass decorative dishwith some floral scented pot pourri is a nice way to keep bathroom wafts at bay.

 green leaf ceramic vase

A large leaved plant such as a banana plant is a fabulous way to add an air of exotic colonial style to your bathroom. Bit of a bad track record on the houseplant care front? Why not go for a collection of cacti instead? And place mini placards with them saying what each plant is called in the true style of a botanical garden.

Finally finish off with a few pretty tealight holders such as these Green fern or green glass hanging tea light holders; perfect for lighting with some rose scented candles and then diving down into the depths of a lovely bubble bath filled with your favourite botanical bath mix.

green fern glass tealight holders    green glass hanging tealight holders