Have a happy, hippity, hoppy Easter!

We’re virtually hopping with excitement at TCH towers now that Easter is only a few weeks away. We love all the funny one-liners, like ‘somebunny loves you’ and ‘why not put all your eggs in one basket?’ (Sadly, they appeal to our somewhat dubious sense of humour!) But, we especially can’t wait for the food and, of course, the Easter decorations. 

Did you know that the practice of decorating egg shells as part of a spring time ritual dates back to Africa over 60,000 years ago? We didn’t!

Well, none of the egg-y bits festooned around the office (and soon to be added to our homes) are that old, but to us - they’re pretty special!


Sticking with eggs for the moment, a great thing to do at Easter (and which you might have done at school years ago) is to paint a few eggs. You can hard boil them (but please do remember to throw them away a few days later as they definitely begin to pong!) or if you’re really going to be clever, teach yourself how to blow out the insides (there are several ‘how to…’ sites online.) When it comes to the decoration part, check out Pinterest for some colourful inspiration or do a general search online. There's so much you can do with the humble hen’s egg! If you’d rather not use the real thing, then try a Paint Your Own Easter Egg Kit and experiment to your heart’s desire.

So, if Christmas is all about ‘eat, drink and be merry’, then Easter is ‘eat, drink and be outside’ in our books. The weather’s usually OK by then, with spring well in evidence, and we love taking walks, seeing lambs, and generally brushing away the cobwebs. Getting outside is also the best way we know of digesting all the food and drink we intend to consume! If you’re the same, then check out the National Trust website for some great things to do with the whole family, from lambing, to rock-pooling, racing ducks and sitting around campfires! Everything’s designed around leaving the screens at home, which couldn’t be better in our opinion.

Back to the theme of hippity, hoppy Easter - it really wouldn’t be Easter without a rabbit or two and we’re really excited to be selling one of the best ever bunny-related (loosely!) decorations this year – our Set of Three Easter Carrot Decorations! They’re super realistic, humorous and a bit ‘alternative’, but we absolutely love them. If you have time, check out the gorgeous matching garland and embroidered cushion too. 


If you’re still unsure of what to do at Easter, then heading into the garden is never a bad idea. Obviously, being Easter, you MUST have an egg hunt – it’s virtually compulsory! Even for adults. And - if you’re watching the waistline, or just don’t like chocolate (!), then you can hide anything you like, such as hens' eggs, painted pebbles or even carrots. The one who finds the most still needs to get a special prize though, chocolate or not!

And finally, back to the food! We’re never 100% sure what to cook for lunch on Easter Day itself (it always seems a bit harsh for it to be lamb). But we were talking about it in the office yesterday, and the one thing we all agreed on was there needs to be cake! So, after a bit of note-swapping, here are links to our top three favourite Easter cakes: The wonderful Duck Egg Sponge Cake; the beautiful Lemon & Blueberry Drizzle Cake; and the deliciously choclatey Easter Egg Nest Cake.

From everyone at The Contemporary Home, have a wonderful Easter x