…Because not every Mum’s the same!

So, yesterday we were working with a great photographer and stylist on Christmas images (yes, we know it’s only March!) and, as you do over lunchtime sandwiches, we got talking about what we’re doing for Mother's Day on Sunday March 26th. Some of us are mums ourselves, so we live in hope! But when it came to our own mum (or mum-in-law, or even grandmother in one case) we were a little stumped on how to make it truly special (and different from last year!) Flowers and chocolates are lovely, but was there more we could be doing?

One thing became super clear as we chatted - not every mum is the same! And this thought then set us off discussing all the things we could do/make or buy for our mums that are fun/pretty and/or unique to her. So, because we like sharing, here are the top six things we came up with yesterday (and feel free to use any or all of the ideas for your own lovely mum):

1) Don’t just say you’re going to make her breakfast in bed, do it! And make something she really loves – for example, if she’s a bit on the fiery side, spice up the scrambled eggs in some way. (For inspiration, check out Nigella’s amazing Mexican Scrambled Eggs – it’s the best there is if she likes chilli!)

2) Make her a card. OK, you’re probably well over the age of ten, but nothing spells ‘I love you’ more than taking the time to actually make something for her. And if you really don’t have the imagination or ability, buy her one that’s a little less ordinary, such as our Amazing Mum Keepsake Card. (It comes with a detachable heart.)

 3) Make her a little booklet of Mother’s Day coupons. If you did this as a child, you probably put in things like ‘wash car for mum’ or ‘tidy my room for mum’, and she cashed each one in when she wanted (needed!) it the most. But as an adult, and depending upon what your mum likes doing, why not offer to ‘take mum for lunch’ or ‘go to the garden centre with mum’ or even ‘buy mum a bottle of Prosecco’!

4) Frame a memory. In the digital world, we don’t often look at family photos. So why not buy a great frame and select a picture that she will cherish. Or, if you’re a bit more creative, make a collage of photos on a board. And hang it up for her if she wants you to!

5) Book a traditional Sunday lunch or afternoon tea. The thing about this is, she doesn’t have to cook herself! And if you’re a mum, you’ll really appreciate it. And, of course, you can always supplement the meal with a special Mother's Day gift that you’ve carefully selected to suit her perfectly. Whatever you do for your mum on the day, we hope you all have the best time ever. Go on, spoil her rotten – she deserves it!

6) If your mum's into gardening, then some great garden presents that you could give her are garden themed chocolates or a personalised fork and trowel gift set. Wonderful moments are created in the garden too so we think your mum will love these gifts!

Happy Mother's Day from The Contemporary Home.