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From beach huts to beach homes - The nautical Edit from The Contemporary home

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! -  and the fact of the matter is who doesn’t? With its cheerful and invigorating sights and sounds of waves lapping the shoreline and seagulls calling out; as children laugh and play finding beach bound treasures such as swirling seashells and sea glass softened by the sands of time to take home in their pockets as a memory of their day running free by the sea.


Being based on a little island off the south coast of England, the team here at The Contemporary Home still has an element of those beachcombing children in our hearts. We understand the joy and beauty of the sea in our humble island life and continue to surround ourselves with the treasures and curiosities that seaside living offers up to you. That's why we consider ourselves the best people for the job when it comes to curating an authentic and idiosyncratic collection of nautical themed products for your house.

Key colours of The Nautical look

It goes without saying that blues and greens feature heavily in any marine inspired interior to reflect the tones of the ocean and the expansiveness of the sky. The combination of blue and white is a classical nautical design combo, such as with these glass nautical coasters with fish design or fun life is better at the beach sign, and a good go to for instantly creating a fresh seaside style space if you’re sprucing up your wall paint. Think a soft and clean white paint on all major walls, with a feature wall painted in a bold marine blue or decked out in a blue and white nautically inspired wallpaper.

 wooden nautical sign         nautical coasters with fish design

We mustn't forget too the soft and warm tones that the shoreline offers us, of beige, light grey, dusty pink and powder blue; picking up on the weather worn colours of the driftwood washed up on the pretty shells of the shore. The inclusion of wood is paramount to setting off this milder colour palette, such as with the addition of some natural wooden sailboats on a windowsill, a collection of seashells filling a large decorative glass bowl, and the addition of a driftwood mirror to reflect more light around the room.


If you feel like you want a touch more colour in your beach themed room then ice cream coloured accessories are a fun and carefree spin on the seaside style. Or you could even go full out for the look by accessorising the room with vintage ice cream signs and stripey pastel toned cushions reminiscent of the days of ice cream eating on a deckchair in the british summer time.

Money for old rope

Do you sometimes look at nautical products on sale  and think ‘I could make something like that’! Well here at The Contemporary home we’re just brimming with ideas of how to set about becoming a coastal artisan.


Make a nautical wreath:

Start with a ring of thick wire around which you can wrap some rope (old rope optional!). Once you have a base then you can stick on all manner of beachcombing treasures which your kids have trawled home with them from your day by the sea. Alternatively you can cut out fish shapes from old drinks cans to create a colourful school of fish.


Make a driftwood sign:

The key thing to remember here is that first of all you’ll need to wash and leave to dry out again whatever piece of reclaimed wood you're using to get rid of all the salt. Finishing it off with a good marine varnish will also prevent drift wood from rotting and give it a lovely high shine. For the lettering you can cut out a stencil with a pen knife using some sticky back plastic that will sit nice and tightly against the wood. Then you simply spray your message of choice with some spray paint and then when dry peel the plastic away to reveal the wording beneath. Hang your sign with some nautical rope strung up through a couple of drill holes.


Haven’t got the time? Then luckily we have a whole range of nautical signs for you to choose from to add a touch of seaside style to bathrooms, conservatories or anywhere where you see fit.

nautical wooden sign  nautical bunting  nautical ribbon

Bring out the bunting:

Stringing up some bunting can animate a room with a sunny air of seaside spirit. Simply cut out triangles of fabric in a collection of patterned cottons and sew them along a length of webbing. Or why not use our nautical beach hut ribbon instead, accompanied by triangles of baby blue and beige. A great accessory for a kids nursery! If your sewing skills leave much to be desired, then our fun blue and white fish bunting  will instantly fill any room with the charm of the British seaside.

Beach huts in your beach house

beach hut storage boxes  nautical letter rack  beach hut wall hooks

We’ve got to admit, we’re suckers for beach huts here at The Contemporary Home! Probably due to the fact that they line our southern beaches here on Hayling Island, bringing iconic bursts of colour to our coast with their multi coloured painted wood. So that’s why we’ve curated these fun beach hut inspired products such as these pastel coloured Wall storage boxes, Beach hut picture frame and storage hooks and a delightful blue letter storage rack chirpily decorated with a beach hut motif. All of them making great gift ideas for a sea loving friend or family member.


It really only takes the addition of a few key pieces to turn an otherwise plain space into a seaside escape. Why not use our rope doorstop to hold doors prone to swinging open? Include a few decorative nautical ornaments like these white ceramic seahorse ornaments on shelves, and then set a bit of ambience by filling a few fisherman’s lanterns with sea breeze scented candles. And for an extra personal touch, get one of your favourite family pics from a beach day printed onto canvas to take pride of place on your wall.