Get the message across with Slogan inspired gifts

Slogans, they’re everywhere! On billboards, sprawled across buses, flashing up on our computer screens and flooding our social media accounts. But don’t be fooled! These slogans can enter into our subconsciousness more than we give them credit for and not all slogans are created equally.

 hello sunshine coin purse  gorgeous make up bag  girls hip flask

Here at the contemporary home we positively love a good slogan, just as long as they're just that; a positive and feel good slogan to help motivate us through the day. So much so is our penchant for emotive words that we plaster our office with them and pretty well anything else that's in our possession. Wallets, bags, signs and even cases for our glasses, the use of a slogan stamp in our world has no limits! So we thought is only fair of us to share a few of our favourite pieces with you, so that you too can have constant reminders throughout your day of just how awesome life is and how much you totally rock it!

Slogans for me

 L'Oréal coined the perfect slogan in their advertising campaign Because I’m worth it! And us girls in the office really couldn’t argue with that. That's why we’re addicts for self affirming confidence boosting slogans that let all you independent women out there know that you really are worth it every time you see one of these fun products.

Such as with this monochrome Awesome is my middle name coin purse, or the smile purse from the same range that's sure to make you do just that every time you go to use it.

awesome monochrome coin purse nobody said it was easy make up bag smile coin purse

Messages for a Beauty queen

If you know someone for whom Retail therapy is the answer then we have a whole host of fun slogan bearing beauty accessories to spur your gal or puss on through her day. This fun makeup bag reminds us that It’s not easy looking this good, or maybe this pink Time for the war paint makeup bag would be more to your best friends humour? And our beauty slogans don't just stop at makeup bags. We've also got fun beauty accessories such as thing fun compact mirror for your handbag telling us that we’re looking good, as if we needed reminding!

warpaint make up bag compact mirror make up bag

Slogans for special occasions

Here at The Contemporary Home we are very aware that No great story ever started with someone drinking water. God knows we’ve had enough office parties to know that what happens at TCH towers stays at TCH towers once the Christmas party fizz starts flowing! That’s why we think these fun slogan inscribed gifts such as our keepsake hip flask or My dreams, regimes and mischievous schemes notebook, make the perfect gift for hen parties, wedding favours or milestone birthdays. Why not accompany them with a bottle of your friends favourite tipple in the case of the hip flask, or some cheeky bubbles with the notebook to really bring out the mischievous side of the celebration.

slogan note book slogan hip flask life is short coin purse

So whatever the occasion and whether you're buying for yourself or for a loved one, surrounding yourself with feel good words can never be faltered. Sometimes all it takes is to bring out our funny motivational slogan on our purse, when we’re stuck in a an endless queue or have been caught in the rain, to bring a bit of sunshine to our life and remind us of good people and good times. And if all else fails just remember; Life is the shoes!