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Whatever the weather you can never fail to feel the sunshine vibes when you have a twist of tropical around the house. Maybe you’re hosting a Hawaiian themed party and want some fun party accessories? Or are you a perpetual summer barbecuer who loves nothing more than grilling up a bit of surf and turf? Or maybe you’re just a summer addict whose idea of paradise is swaying palms and pina coladas in the sun? Whatever your reasons there’s no denying that Tropical style will make you smile! And the good news is you don’t even need to splash out on an expensive airfare to get a taste of paradise. With a little bit of imagination and a large pinch of salt, you can recreate your own paradisiacal haven in your very own home.

How to throw a Tropical party


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  • Colour, and lots of it: Nothing quite screams out The tropics like the use of colour. This is not the time to be shy and overly coordinated. Cram as many bright colours as you can into your party space, with clashing being positively encouraged. These set of 4 Hiball glasses are the perfect way to serve up your rum punch, and as they come in 4 different colours it means that people are less likely to mix up their glasses once they've had a few of your homemade Caribbean punch of choice.

  • Get fruity: now is literally the time to put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up! Forget your boring apples and pears, we’re talking pineapple, mango, banana, melon and kiwi added to anything from cakes to drinks to salsas. And the fruit shouldn't just be restricted to your buffet or barbecue. String up tropical fruit bunting, serve cheeky fruit on a stick from a pineapple fruit platter and sip your sex on the beach cocktails out of tropical fruit straws.

  • Don't be shy with the patterns: Think Hawaiian shirts, hibiscus flowers, palm leaf motifs, parrots, or cheesy 80’s style sunsets. Whether they be on the clothes you're wearing, the linen that you dress your table with, bunting, napkins or any other party accessory; bold is better, as are patterns so busy that they make your eyes go fuzzy.

  • Tropical tunes: who can resist getting up and having a boogie to club tropicana by Wham? Or having a bounce to some feel good reggae?Or maybe some sunset beats inspired by the ibiza vibe are more your thing? Whatever you go for just remember to keep it uplifting and light, so when the drinks start flowing those moves keep on showing!

  • Parrots: Now we know that getting hold of a real life parrot and house training it in time for your party may be a bit of a feat. But we honestly believe that you haven’t fully stepped into The tropics until you have one of these prettily coloured feathered friends in your home or garden. Luckily these playful and kitsch ceramic parrot ornaments behave themselves much more than their jungle bound counterparts, and have the added advantage of being able to cheer up a bathroom or hallway once the party’s over. We like to nestle them alongside a banana plant for a really tropical piece of interior decoration.

    parrot wall decoration

So whether it's just for a themed day or night of sunshine inspired fun, or you're embracing the Tropical style more permanently into your home, we reckon that you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and needs amongst our bright and cheerful collection of tropical home and party accessories. So sit back, pour yourself another fruity cocktail and let the fun begin; you can almost hear the sway of the palms and the waves crashing in!