Add A Real Touch Of Festive Cheer With A Christmas Robin

If you know TCH well, you'll already be aware of our choice of classic functional and decorative items with a modern twist. Christmas time at The Contemporary Home is no different!

Products to brighten up your home over the festive season include all the trappings of your classic seasonal motifs. Look at our selection of ornaments and decorations; Christmas robins, trees, angels and many more besides form our fabulous collection. Give your home a festive make over, thanks to our impressive selection of quality products to make your Christmastime even more special.

Christmas robins have a long association with the festive period. The familiar red-breasted colour makes these lovely little birds a fitting mascot for the Great British Christmas. There are many legends and folktales surrounding robins; Christmas robins are no different, and it is believed that their use in representing Christmas was related to the red outfits of postmen in the Victorian era, also referred to as robin red breasts.

Appearing on greetings cards and decorations, Christmas robins are intertwined with this magnificent time of the year. Among our collection of items, you'll find not only tree decorations, there's a range of wonderful items for your table too! Give your Christmas dinners with friends and family a touch of humour, with our incredibly cute clip on robin decorations. We even have salt and pepper shakers with an adorable pair of Christmas robin salt and pepper shakers.

You'll find these, and many more inspiring products available right here. Simply order online today for delivery of in stock items before Christmas!