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It's not Christmas without a robin!

If you know TCH well, then you'll already be aware that we LOVE robins! In all shapes and sizes, and on a huge variety of products...It's our view that you simply can't have enough of them at Christmas.

Of course it's not just began with the Victorians! Did you know that postmen in Victorian times wore bright scarlet jackets and soon became referred to as 'redbreasts'? This, coupled with the Victorians absolute love of Christmas (including the sending of the first Christmas card in 1843), meant that the brightly-coloured little bird soon took its place as a firm festive favourite.

Every year, when we assemble our Christmas collection, we begin with the robin. And there's nothing we won't be happy to see the little chap on, from napkin pegs to salt and pepper pots, advent calendars to baubles - and everything else in between! And the best thing of all is that we now keep many of these items in stock all year round. You'd be amazed how many people shop early for Christmas, for accessories as well as gifts. So, if you're an early bird yourself, and love the robin as much as we do, you're in luck!

Simply click below and order online at The Contemporary Home - we really don't mind whether it's July or December!