New for Summer

Your home, your rules: Eclectic interiors to reflect who you really are...

Are you one of those amazing people whose home truly reflects who you are? Do you love hunting around antique shops, markets and car boot sales to find treasures that are wonderfully eclectic but equally at home side-by-side on your walls, shelves or mantelpiece? If so, we've got something especially for you!

At The Contemporary Home, we love a bit of mix and match too! Sometimes, it's as simple as hanging a gorgeous tin sign above an unusual ornamental item (like our funky seashorses, for example). And we're always keen to remember that practical gifts have their place in the less ordinary collection too - that's why we love our copper prouducts with their strong retro feel combined with immense usefulness. We're lucky enough to be able to hunt for great products for a living, but we try never to lose sight of where they'll end up - hopefully in your home bringing great pleasure and a smile to your face. And an appreciative nod from visitors who marvel at your eclectic sense of style!

So, if you're looking for something a little special, with a truly individual feel, then scroll through our online store and discover the perfect gem for you.