New for Summer

A cook or a chef? It doesn’t matter to us…if you (or someone you know) loves food, then we’ve got the perfect gift!

We know that the terminology cook or chef can cause a few arguments, but whatever you call yourself, it’s fine with us. We simply want to offer you the very best in gift ideas, whether the culinary-minded person in question is yourself or someone you know. From the experienced gastronome to the youngster just starting out, you’ll love the choice available at The Contemporary Home.

Storage for cooks & chefs: Our great storage ideas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from fun and contemporary to items reminiscent of simpler times. We love the fact that storage products don’t have to be hidden away in cupboards – that really is the joy of them - so you’ll find plenty of practical and beautiful gift ideas to adore in our kitchen storage range.

Get baking: Baking is just great in our book! Not only do you end up with a yummy something to eat, but it’s also a wonderful way to share with family and friends, and even to help teach the kids how to cook. Baking gifts also have the added bonus of always looking beautiful and homey! And you can make them extra special by including a homemade cake of your own or a bag of artisan flour in with the present.

Inspirational or useful kitchen accessories: Everyone needs a little bit of inspiration from time to time which is why we love the occasional sign for the kitchen wall. And a tea-towel or mug with a message. It’s also great to keep the splatter from the batter off your clothes in the kitchen, so don’t forget to check out our aprons. And we’ve got a super collection of modern and retro trays, all perfect for carrying bits and bobs from the kitchen to the dining room or patio.

Would you like a drink with that? When you’re choosing gifts for cooks or chefs, don’t forget that the perfect accompaniment to a great meal is a great beverage – from a glass of wine with your evening meal, a cocktail or beer with the BBQ and a wonderful cuppa with your cake! From coasters to quirky drinking jars, fantastically realistic plastic Prosecco glasses and amazing teapots, we’ve got quite a selection of beverage-themed gifts.

Nice and cheesy! Aside from our cake, the next favourite food item at TCH Towers has to be cheese. And we have quite an array of cheesy gifts too – from great wooden serving boards to a wonderful glass dome, and lots in between.

So, whatever tickles your fancy, we’re bound to have just the right thing for you or the cooks and chefs in your life.