New for Summer

Home really is where the heart is...

We're firm believers here at The Contemporary Home that the things you fill your home with have a direct effect on how you feel. They're also a mirror to your personality and taste. Have you ever just stared at something in your home and marvelled at how beautiful it is? We have......and that's why we work hard every day to stock our online store with as many wonderful things as we can find. If we can make your heart sing, then we've truly done our job!

We also know that it can be pretty tricky finding homeware gifts to share with others too. A lot of items in the shops look very similar, and you don't always want to give a present that could have been bought pretty much anywhere. Our hand-picked range is deliberately chosen to offer you a great selection of choice, from things with a touch of sparkle, to retro gifts, to pretty and practical products. And all of them with a hint of unique-ness and personally chosen by our small, dedicated team. 

Moving home? When the dust has settled a bit, and your new home has revealed itself to you, why not browse through our pages to find the perfect new additions? Or do you have a special wedding to attend, or a big birthday or anniversary gift to find? Again, we'll have something that fits both the occasion and the person you're buying for. From vases to bowls, signs to jugs, we have literally hundreds of  suggestions just waiting for you to view!

Simply click on the link below to shop for home gifts at our online store.