Gisela Graham - Beautiful Gifts For Cooks, Home, Christmas & Easter

Since childhood, Gisela Graham has been fascinated with textures and textiles. This love of crafts has led Gisela Graham Ltd to become a massively successful brand.

Since the early eighties, the Gisela Graham name has become increasingly well known for her wonderfully ornate seasonal items. Featuring beautiful patterns and designs, Gisela Graham creates housewares for red letter days such as Christmas and Easter, as well as exquisite pieces for everyday use. Weaving traditional folk inspired designs and floral patterns, the selection of pretty kitchenware will make ideal gifts for cooks.

A market leader in seasonal gifts, Gisela Graham has turned this flair for the production of high quality seasonal items to housewares to be used throughout the year. At The Contemporary Home, we love how the brand influences and enhances our enjoyment of Christmas and Easter; in fact, Gisela Graham's designs have inspired many British households to adopt the custom of decorating the house for the Easter holidays. This can only be done by having an eye for creating stunning products that are incredibly well made.

With the selection of superb household items available from our online store, these great items are now available for day to day use and not just for those special times of the year. No matter what the occasion, this assortment of kitchen and household accessories really make the ideal gifts for cooks. Give the kitchen an extra touch of individuality from these incredibly unique products.

If you have ever wondered how to get hold of those things that remind you of the traditional country kitchen, you will find them among the range from Gisela Graham. Refreshingly quirky, Gisela Graham's designs give a feeling of rustic settings. Choose from a selection of attractive egg cups and cosies, toast racks, jugs, storage jars, oven dishes and more that will be an absolute delight in your kitchen. The assortment includes classic and contemporary designs, as well as fun character pieces. We have floral, nautical and of course, country kitchen themes, each with the unmistakable Gisela Graham charm.

With a wealth of practical know how and incredible creativity, the range includes a wide variety of fabric gifts for cooks. A timeless accessory for any kitchen includes the humble apron. Always ready to save your clothing from stray ingredients when making that fine sponge cake, aprons make welcome gifts. For cooks, the range of Gisela Graham kitchenware reflects the incredibly original style of the brand.

The daisy design on glass tumblers, jugs, food covers and napkins feature pretty little white and yellow flowers, making them a bright and delightful addition to any home. There are some unashamedly girly kitchenware items with pastel colours, hearts and polka dots alongside some gorgeous and simple vintage inspired pieces. Incorporating the brilliant folk style graphics that the Gisela Graham brand excels at, makes these great gifts for budding chefs. Bring a splash of colour and charm to your cooking.

There's a whole host of original gifts and kitchenware for you at The Contemporary Home. Shop for the most original and unique items for the home here today. Shop for Gisela Graham