New for Summer

Let there be light...

Did you know that the earliest chandeliers were moved from room to room in wealthy medieval houses? Well, these days, you don’t have to be rich to own one (or even two or three!) and you can leave them hanging in as many rooms as you want. We’ve always been huge fans of chandeliers here at TCH Towers, but don’t just take our word for how great they are. According to House Beautiful Magazine, they are one of the top 25 must-have home accessories for 2017; Ideal Home Magazine predict products with a luxury feel will be huge; and Pinterest is awash with chandeliers in every shape, size and colour. So, 2017 really is the year to buy one…

Our range of Gypsy Chandeliers is small but perfectly formed! As we’re lovers of strong colours, we’ve stuck with three beautiful multi-coloured designs, and a striking all-gold version. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, and every light comes with easy how-to-hang instructions. Plus, we’re always just a phone call away if you have any questions. And just in case the terminology relating to chandeliers is putting you off buying one, here’s our simple to follow glossary of the five most commonly used terms:

Arm This is the part of the chandelier that branches out to hold the light bulb (unsurprisingly, this is also sometimes called the branch!)

Candelabra Don’t confuse these with chandeliers. A candelabra is a candlestick, usually with several branches, which stands on a surface.

Festoon Also called a garland, a festoon is an arrangement of glass beads draped and hung across or around the chandelier.

Finial This is the final piece of decoration at the very bottom of the main stem of the light.

Stem This is the main body of the chandelier from which the arms branch out.