New for Summer

Illuminate your outdoor space with a beautiful light...

Nothing adds that extra bit of character to your home (inside or out) more than lighting. What you choose will have an effect on the ambience of your home - but a lot of people forget all about the garden. Being 'outdoor' people here at The Contemporary Home, we think that your garden, patio, yard or even window box deserves a bit of jazzing up with the right lighting and we're constantly on the look-out for the best fixtures and fittings to fit the bill.


Firm favourites in our range include traditional fishing and barn lamps and barn lamps. Both designs have a timeless beauty, and are practical and attractive, whether you need them for a patio, BBQ area or a dark back wall. Their tough construction and weatherproof finish makes them suitable for virtually any climate, often include salty seaside houses (we know, we live in a few ourselves!)

Not just for decoration, an outside wall light is also a great safety and security measure, and many of ours can be connected to a proximity detector. All our lights come with instructions on fitting and we're always just a phone call away if you get stuck with anything. Why not take a look at our entire lighting collection and see if anything lights your fire?

NB: Please be aware that some of our lights are made to order so there will be a short wait while yours is made for you.